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Two Identical Generations in the book 'The House of the Spirits' by Isabel Allende.

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  • Essay length: 804 words
  • Submitted: 23/10/2004
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GCSE David Copperfield

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Lauren Hoff

April 8, 2004

IB 11 World Literatures

Dr. Kilduff

2 Identical Generations

In the book The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende, the theme of family is very strong through out the novel. The story goes through four generations of women in the Trueba and del Valle families. Often times in families the upbringing of children is very common. In the case of two women in the novel, their upbringings are almost identical. Clara, the youngest daughter of the del Valle family, who marries into the Trueba family, and her grand daughter, Alba. Both of them, as children, are very similar. Both Clara and Alba seem to be the glue that hold together each of their families. Clara also teaches Alba to use her clairvoyance to her advantage, a characteristic that Clara also possesses. Ironically, at the end of the novel, Clara dies, at a time when Alba is most capable of taking over Clara's duties. Although Clara and Alba are different individuals, they are quite the same in many aspects.

Clara possesses the power of being clairvoyant. She can see the future and also can move things

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