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Two poems

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English Coursework Ben Preece ARA Tuesday, 17 September 2002 I am going to be writing about two poems "old man old man" and "warning". In old man, old man the poet U.A Fanthorpe relates old age to a loss of freedom e.g. a timetabled cigarette. The stanzas are always written in three lines in Old man old man. Old man old man is a very bad or negative view on old age as he is always talking about what he used to do "a dab hand with the black and Decker". He is an anonymous person who is totally explained in the title "old man old man" this emphasises his old age. As you get older, your body does not work as well for some as you start to have heart problems and lung problems and in "old man old man". He has to take pills but he does not like doing this and he fights from doing it "Recalcitrant things in bottles with tacky labels". He used to be independent "He was always a man who did it himself" and he still wants to be, but he has to take pills to stay alive. ...read more.


She says to her husband, "you can grow fatter and eat a lb of sausages and heaud bear mats and other stuff like that". She says that she will become a "rebel" "I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves summer gloves are trivelelous items (a luxury) When jenny thinks about being old she thinks of all the things that she can do and leave all of the bad things behind you, and do all of the things that she did not do when she was younger "I will learn to spit". She is worried that when she is going to become this cool dood gran and not wear any clothes that match that her friend will get worried about her and start asking her questions. Most of her friends are probably going to be around the same age and so they will be offended if she says that the clothes that they ware are boring. Therefore, she is going to start wearing out of the ordinary clothes more often but not every day, well not for a while yet so people who know me will get used to it and are not to shocked and surprised when I do it all of the time. ...read more.


The character jenny Joseph from the poem warning wants to be crazy and wear outrageous clothes and not be boring, like the old man old man poem There are not many other similarities and differences that I can see. In conclusion, I feel that the poems have been extremely well written by the two authors U.A. Fanthorpe and Jenny Joseph. The two poems are really like real life. In the poem, warning by jenny Joseph the old lady has all of these plans for what she will do when she is older like learning to spit and spending all of he money on brandy and luxuries. But I think as she is not old now and she is planning all of this and by the time she is fifty-five sixty she will not want to do all of these plans as she will have a medical problem. When you get older, you normally run out of energy very quickly and I think that she will run out and not want to do it all the time. I do feel that the man from the poem "old man old man" will probabley start doing something like a small amount of DIY as if he carries on how he is he will get extremely board just sitting there. ...read more.

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