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Two Scavengers and Night of the Scorpion

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Two Scavengers and Night of the Scorpion Question: How is the contrast used in "Two Scavengers?" Compare this use if contrast with one other poem Contrast is used in Two Scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes and Night of the Scorpion. In two scavengers it tells the story of how different sets of people are in society as the poem title explains a lot. The title of the poem itself is a contrast as it shows two classes of people, one of the rich and the other of poor. In the poem Night of the Scorpion it shows how two very different cultures come together in society and help one another. ...read more.


Mercedes "in a hip three-piece linen suit" which clearly shows the contrast of the rich and poor there is between these two sets of people. Similarly both poems make use of metaphors and similes to express the contrast between the two sets of people. The poem Two Scavengers makes use of a simile to show the contrast "looking down like some gargoyle Quasimodo." This shows the reader of how the bin men felt when they were looking down at the two people in the Mercedes and the use of simile gives a clear image of this feeling that the bin men felt. Similarly the poem Night of the Scorpion makes use of a simile to show the contrast between the two cultures "peasants came like swarms of flies." ...read more.


Similarly, the poem Night of the Scorpion is also set out in stanzas, but there are only two stanzas, this shows that the poem does not change much, it stays in the same point. However the last stanza is on its own and is small compared to the other stanza, this shows the mother's view on the whole situation and she says "Thank God the scorpion picked on me and spared my children" which shows how their society is. One of kindness and that they treat each other with respect. So to conclude both poems make use of contrast but in different ways. Both poems are similar and different in many aspects. An excellent contrast of two fantastic poems, to show the difference in society and difference in cultures. ...read more.

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