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Two stories which I think are particularly effective examples of the detective fiction genre.

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Two stories which I think are particularly effective examples of the detective fiction genre The "Red Headed League" is about a mysterious organisation which Sherlock's client, Mr. Wilson was working for until it ended. Finally this strange league turns out to be a cover up to distract Mr. Wilson while the criminals dig a secret passage from his cellar intending to rob gold from the "City and Suburban Bank". "The Speckled Band" is about a cruel stepfather (Dr. Roylott) who wants to murder his step daughters so he can get their property. He does this by murdering his elder stepdaughter, Julia, in an unknown and mysterious way. When his younger stepdaughter, Helen, gets doubtful about everything and the mysterious circumstances repeat, she goes to Sherlock Holmes to help her to find out whether her sister's death was a murder and if it was to find the murderer. Dr. Roylott then tried to use an Indian snake to murder Helen Stoner. However during it snake bit Dr. Roylott himself. Jack the Ripper was frightening may Victorians and because the police never found him, the faith in the police force was dented. This is why Doyle introduced Sherlock as a perfect detective, because that's what the Victorian society wanted. ...read more.


People always prefer familiar settings because they can relate to them. That is why Conan Doyle provides information like the name of the streets and underground stations such as "Baker Street" and "Alders Gate" underground station. This would have attracted the British, particularly London readers who knew these places. Conan Doyle also provides precise dates such as "The Morning Chronicle, of April 27, 1890" and "The Red Headed League is dissolved. Oct. 9, 1980", which would have pleased the readers who lived during this period because they would have felt a part of this story because the dates are the same. This would have developed the story's realism. Conan Doyle includes many references to foreign countries. "Indian animals" in "The Speckled Band" and "the Chinese tattoo" in "The Red Headed League" are two examples of this. This is because the British Empire was ruling foreign countries so Victorian people were interested and attracted to these countries. But Doyle's frequent use of French sentences such as "L�homme c�est rien-l�oeuvre c�est tout" also helps to show the readers that Sherlock Holmes is intellectual and clever. Conan Doyle always gives the readers clues as well. For example when Dr. ...read more.


He has the ability to describe virtually everything in the imaginative scene of crime and, with this, makes the reader feel as though they are a detective. Sherlock Holmes stories aren't that successful now, as they were in the Victorian society due to the time gap and modern storylines. However I think that the short stories are still relevant as still many crime authors use Sherlock Holmes stories as a base for their modern novels and movies. For example if we look at the famous detective series "Inspector Morse", Morse also has an assistant/ partner (Like Dr.Watson in Sherlock Holmes stories). He also comes to conclusions from his observations. This is a proof for Conan Doyle's long lasting effect on detective literature. Even though now people might not appreciate the stories as much as the Victorians, we can understand why they enjoyed them. The exceptional description, brilliant plot, griping climax and the sense of realism made Sherlock Holmes stories very successful to the Victorian. The current form of this genre isn't as popular as the Victorian times because our society has got used to it. The genre has been around for so long that the ideas, that were new in the Victorian times, aren't really interesting to us. Another reason is that authors have become more imaginative and they appeal to us. Sherlock Holmes stories only appeal to a Victorian audience. ...read more.

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