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Two texts I have studied in detail are the DEFRA website (text 1) and the Animal Aid leaflet (text 2) The discussion of this essay shall consist of a comparison of these two texts focusing how the writer uses presentation and language to commu

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Analysis of DEFRA and Animal Aid Within the past few months, I have been exploring a range of texts centralising around the theme of animal welfare. Each text consisting of its own unique layout, language and ways in which the writer conveys their ideas to the audience. Two texts I have studied in detail are the 'DEFRA' website (text 1) and the 'Animal Aid leaflet' (text 2) The discussion of this essay shall consist of a comparison of these two texts focusing how the writer uses presentation and language to communicate their ideas and perspectives to the audience. To commence text 1- the DEFRA website is an advice text and its intended audience are adults- particularly ones who own pets or are in the agricultural industry and are in contact with animals on a daily basis The purpose of the DEFRA text is to advise its audience about how to transport and store animals, evidence of this is where it states 'those transporting animals including agricultural animals should take action to avoid...' Text 2- the 'Animal Aid' leaflet is a persuasive text targeted teenagers and adults who are meat eaters likely to turn vegetarian. ...read more.


The only image on the website is the logo which is in the top left corner and is positioned in the primary optical zone and as a result the reader sees it first, this instantly informs the reader of the organisations logo. The logo consists of three rings interlocking into each other this symbolises the connection between the three departments of environment, food and rural affairs- all working in harmony to alleviate animal suffering. Text 2 consists of many images because it is a leaflet of a more informal topic. It is a persuasive text so is more appealing to the audience than text 1. Without a doubt, the writer has used many images as its audience extends from a young age and needs to suit its audience. The images the writer has used are very effective. In the top row of images, there is a close up shot of a cow. The positioning of the image makes the reader look directly into her eye and as a result makes them feel guilty. Perhaps the writer is trying to use guilt to convey their ideas to the audience and to try and persuade them to become vegetarian. ...read more.


Examples from the text are 'protect our planet' and 'improve your health.' However, imperatives in text 2 are less demanding and are more friendly in comparison to text 1. This makes it more persuasive and persuades the audience to become vegetarian as it adopts a more warm and friendly approach. Additionally, the title is also an imperative, 'choose life-go veggie.' This phrase has been repeated at the beginning and end of the text and is the first and last thing the audience reads, ensuring that the audience remembers the quote. Moreover, personal pronouns have been used such as 'you'll' and 'our' involving the audience. This makes them feel as though they are part of the problem but also the text makes them also feel like they are part of the solution and this is an effective method used by the writer to convey their ideas. Facts have also been used; this is an effective method as it shows validity and the harshness of the topic. This is shown for example by 'the second biggest cause of global warming.' This provides the audience with information that may persuade them to become vegetarian. To encapsulate, both writers communicate their ideas and perspectives in an effective way. They have successfully used presentation and language according to their purpose and type of text and have presented their message appropriately. ...read more.

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