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"Two weeks with the queen" the play by Mary Morris is mainly about a boy who has to grow up and face the responsibilities of an adult.

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English- Essay Two weeks with the queen the play by Mary Morris is mainly about a boy who has to grow up and face the responsibilities of an adult. Colin and Alistair face many difficulties. Colin has to bear the illness of his brother, while Alistair faces the difficulty of standing up for himself. In this play many new things are learnt about coping with the challenges thrown at us by life. Alistair and Colin?s personality develops during the play. Colin Mudford is a 12 year old boy who lives in Australia. In the beginning his character is rowdy, rogue and rebellious. The line ?Why wouldn?t the ambulance driver let me in the ambulance? Eh? ...read more.


?If they can sew a bloke?s foot in and put a new heart in somebody surely they can cure a bit of cancer?, this quote demonstrates Colin?s inability to cope and understand how great Luke?s cancer is. On the other hand Alistair faces the problem of being overprotected and overruled by his parents. Alistair is under total control of his mother and father. He has no say and no independence. ?Now Alistair, take two kelp tablets every four hours with water and one vitamin C tablet every two hours with milk and no running around? this quote clearly proves that Alistair is told each and every thing to do and is not permitted to be independent or look after himself. ...read more.


The challenges of growing up are many. One has to learn how to deal with problems, issues and responsibilities. Learning how to understand and face challenges is another focal point in growing up. Alistair and Colin both deal with these issues in different ways. Colin learns by making new friends and being separated from his family and friends. Alistair faces his challenge with the help and experiences with Colin. Both boys successfully manage and overcome these issues. The personalities of Colin and Alistair change. Alistair changes from being small and unimportant to bold and brave whereas Colin changes from being rowdy and rebellious to understanding and mature. This play helps one understand that growing up is a challenge but with the help of others it becomes much easier. By: Estelle Mahendran ...read more.

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