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Types of love in Romeo and Juliet

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I believe that in Romeo and Juliet their were three main types of love 1. Patrachon love- When Romeo first appears he talks about his infatuation with Rosaline comparing her to Diana, goddess of the moon. We later learn however, that Rosaline isn't returning his affection and is avoiding him as a polite refusal that she doesn't like him. After Benvolio's suggestion that Romeo should goes off to the masked ball, he looks upon Juliet and falls instantly in love with her and forgets about Rosaline. 2. Sexual love- Throughout the whole play there are many lines on sexual love by Mercutio or the Nurse. ...read more.


The next day they get married, not leaving much time for them to know one another very well. However, their love for one another proves true, as they were willing to die for each other. Romeo drinking poison because Juliet was supposedly dead and Juliet refusing to marry Paris because she was already wedded to Romeo. Conclusion Mercutio- Mercutio's personality in the play is very intrigueing. Shakespeare had decided to portray Mercutio, the prince's kinsmen as a man who doesn't take matters seriously and this consequently lead to the disbelief of others that he had been fatally wounded in act 3. ...read more.


Friar Lawrence considers marriage to be extrememly holy, with a sacred ritual, blessings among god with the uniting of two households which is the reason why he disapproves of Romeo and Juliet's marriage in the first place. Later, only agreeing because he had hoped that the marriage would have stopped the ancient feud. The marriage however, was illegal without parental consent and he has only managed to stop the feud for Romeo and Juliet. Nurse- She describes Romeo with Petrachon poetry talking about each individual part of his body. Being a widow for many years she feels excited when Juliet marries Romeo. ...read more.

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