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Typical Australian

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Typical Australian Liza Zhang Is there such thing as a 'typical Australian'? For foreign visitors such a concept of a 'typical Australian' does exist, a familiar term for the average Australian made famous by American films such as, 'G'day mate and How 'bout we put a shrimp on the barbie'. The stereotypical Australian is portrayed in the media has having 'blond hair, scruffy, working on the land, dirty face, beer can in one hand - he's got a 'hard earned thirst, that needs a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is Vic'! (Faranto, unknown author, 8/8/2007). Although Australian men are portrayed as these characters, in actual fact, Australia is now a multicultural society and each culture is encourages preserving its own identity, which in all created our Australian identity. These characters are anything but the stereotypical character seen in the movies created by the Hollywood scene. There are of course, a few exceptions that follow the 'Aussie Outback' life but the majority of Australians live in the city and lead hectic lives. ...read more.


However, there are mixed feelings among the community about being multicultural, some believe multiculturalism is good for the society as it brings cultural diversity to the society, can foster a tolerant society, and improve relations with other countries. However, some think multiculturalism is bad and are under the belief that migrants take jobs and bring more racial tension to Australia. 'At the 2001 Census, the estimated take-up rate of Australian citizenship for the overseas-born was 75.1 per cent. '(ABS, 2001) Some people also think that having a multicultural society weakens the Australian identity, and the Australian identity may be lost among the influences of different cultures into Australia. But I believe this multicultural society is makes a big part of the Australian identity. Many people believe that multiculturalism brings much more variety to the Australia culture, like having more interesting things to experience, and more variety of things on offer to someone who is looking to do something new. ...read more.


People respect other people's cultures and beliefs and may even learn much more about other cultures. This freedom is what creates a major part of our Australian Identity. 'We look for big noses like Peter Costello's magnificent proboscis, big ears like Tony Abbott's or Billy McMahon's (who was famously described as looking like a Volkswagen with the doors open), or big droopy eyes the size of ping-pong balls like Philip Ruddock's. ' (New Matilda, Article: Howard's Australia; Howard the ordinary.) In conclusion, Australia has not only one stereotype in truth, but many role models with different beliefs cultures and ethnics. Many people only see the 'blonde Aussie bloke' with the happy nature but never the hidden multicultural structure of this society. Of course there are a many traits of true a Australian, but these traits belong in every person living in Australia, all desiring a peaceful and democratic country. Not many people realise how lucky they may be to live in this country, where thousands of immigrants are trying to get out of their war torn countries. Australia provides a basis or peacefulness, what many people in the world is looking for. ...read more.

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