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UCAS Personal Statement

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PERSONAL STATEMENT FOR UCAS Having come from a very 'conventional' family where a career within music is not accepted as a 'real' career, I was keen to break the mould and build a career around something I am not only interested in, but something I am passionate about. Music has always been a prominent part of my life. It fascinates me how it can change the way you feel at any one moment in time. I have chosen the degree which will enable me to combine musical theory with practice. I feel I am particularly suited to a degree in Music Technology because of my flair for the subject and an interest in furthering my knowledge of it too. ...read more.


Working within a team is a vital element of a successful band. After recording a demo CD at a friends home studio, I became very interested and aware of the different equipment used to do this. It was also at this point that I was eager to learn how the equipment all works and links in together to create high quality music tracks. Currently I am studying on the Access to Higher Education programme at my local college. This course has given me the opportunity to study subjects I am particularly strong in, Mathematics and ICT, which are also elements of the Music Technology BSC. During my time at secondary school I was given the opportunity to undertake a three week work experience placement in a local recording and rehearsal studio. ...read more.


For over a year now I have been organising and promoting live music events in the south of Essex. I take control to organise the hiring of the venue to booking the bands, and negotiating payments with the bands and the sound technicians. As well as organising my own events, I also help out at a charity event which is held on a monthly basis which caters for the youths of the village, giving them a platform to showcase their music to a real audience. Any money made from these events is put back into the venue to provide better equipment for the bands. I have also been involved with helping younger bands book shows at some prestigious venues in Essex and London. Organising these shows, I feel, has helped me gain valuable organisational and time keeping skills, as well as showing my leadership skills ...read more.

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