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Understanding Frankenstein?

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The murder of William is the first monstrous act the creature commits. The murder of William came about when the creature arrived in Geneva, when he gazed his eyes on the young boy, the creature's idea was to not harm the boy but to seize him educate him as a companion an friend, but the idea of the creature backfired when he found out that the boy was related to victor Frankenstein, his creator. When the creature approached William, William's first reaction was to be frightened scared because from his eyes he could see nothing more than a monster wanting to kidnap him. The creature tried ensuring William that he wasn't going to hurt but William continued screaming and struggling to escape. The creature said to William "child what is the meaning of this? I do not intend to hurt you; listen to me". William wasn't convinced and then there was a struggle between them. William said to the creature "let me go, monster! Ugly wretch! You wish to eat me and tear me to pieces", that of course wasn't what the creature had in mind, what he was looking for was companionship, a friend, someone who accepted him for who he was. ...read more.


The creature's response when he saw victor destroy the thing that could have brought him happiness was a howl of devilish despair and revenge. The monster crept into the laboratory where victor did his work and said to victor "you are my creator, but I am your master." The creature also threatened victor " I will be with you on your wedding night". The creature in a way is the victim at this point because he victor had destroyed his only chance of happiness. I disagree with victor's decision of not continue with his work because the creature had been rejected several times, victor had no right of withholding the creature the small portion of happiness that he could have had with his companion that could have been given to him by victor. The creature begins acting like a real monster towards the end of the novel when he murders the rest of victor's family and the way he makes victor pursue him. At this point our sympathies shift to victor because he becomes the victim at that point and the creature becomes the villain. ...read more.


Victor towards the end is truly sorry for what he has done and knew that the one mistake he did by playing god and creating the creature caused so much damage to his life that could never be fixed. In my opinion I think that both the monster and victor were victim's and villains. The creature is the victim when he is rejected several times and is denied a companion by victor. The creature is the villain when he pursues victor and starts taking out his revenge on his family. Victor is the victim when his family is killed by the creature and best friend Henry Clerval. Victor is the villain when he rejects the creature at the beginning and when he destroys the companion for the creature. It's difficult to say who is the victim and villain because the both are the victim and villain. My sympathies are split between the two characters but im more sympathetic towards victor because he's so weak at the end that he dies because he's so distraught about everything that happened to him. ...read more.

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