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Unexpected date

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Unexpected date I'm thinking about that crazy day now, everything seemed so funny, but then I felt really special girl. It was two years ago when everything looked to be so boring and hopeless in my life. The day started as always, and my mood was quite sad. I wanted something new, something different, something adventurous. And God listened to my prayers. When I was slowly walking to school I met my old friend Andrius. I was even too shy to say hello to him, but he did it, and my cheeks went to bright pink. In that moment I could not believe what was happening. "Hi...", - I said quietly as a small child. "So how are you doing Raminta? Long time no see."-his voice sounded that he was not interested about that and even didn't looked in to my eyes. ...read more.


I could mention much more things about my dream boy. I thought that it would be an interesting event in my boring routine. After that invitation my smile was from ear to ear wide during all lessons. I daydreamt about an amazing evening, which we are going to have. Also, I told about my happiness to my best friend Inga, who gave me a special advice what to wear and which make-up would look best on me. My lovely blonde friend is always there for me when help is needed. Sometimes I get jealous for her, because that she is so popular, beautiful and charismatic person. All guys and even girls can't stop staring at Inga's gold, shiny, one meter length hair and those big, light ocean eyes and long lashes and red as cherry lips. ...read more.


At last I was ready to meet him. When I finally arrived with an old slow bus I walked in the cinema's lounge and Andrius was standing there and waiting for me. But when I came up to him, two other girls joined us. At first I couldn't understand what was happening. But then he said: - "Great to see you here, one moment and there will come two more my friends!" I was wonder-struck. "Which one of three of us is really with him?" But I stayed in silence. I thought that those were the longest minutes in my life. All was forgotten when I saw them coming. Tomas and Giedrius were coming slowly, but proudly. They were dressed by latest fashion and looked beautiful. Then I thought: -"What is the difference - Andrius or those two?" And until now I and Tomas are together. Maybe it looks like a paradox, but it is life - you never know what to expect. ...read more.

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