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Unforgettable experience

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A Place and Moment I'll Always Remember Why do terrorists kill in the name of religion? I still don't get it. The recent bomb blasts in New Delhi claimed several lives, but could not kill the spirit of the country and its people. The 13th of September started like any other day and I was unaware that it would turn out to be the most horrifying day of my life, a devastating experience I would never want repeated. I was in the office at around 6:40 pm when I got news of the serial blasts. I rushed to Connaught Place, the nearest location of the blasts, along with other reporters from the office. ...read more.


Everywhere I looked, there were bodies, like clothes left out to dry. People ran helter-skelter and I could hear cries of agony in the air around me. It was a horrifying scene with the air clogged with the smell of blood, smoke and chemicals. I felt as if I was in a battlefield and could barely control my emotions as I moved chaotically to help others lift the bodies of the injured into passing cars and ambulances. For the first time, I encountered the helpful spirit of the citizens. People with expensive cars stopped to call out others to load the wounded into their vehicles, without thinking of the plush upholstery getting soiled with blood. ...read more.


I also witnessed the incident of the 'human bomb', who was actually a very scared little boy. I was told by a friend from a news channel that the police had got hold of the boy at Barakhamba Road, near Connaught Place. For a moment, I was shocked at the thought that terrorists could use a small child. We rushed there to find the 'human bomb' was a balloon seller with balloons tied in a patch to his legs. He had fainted in the commotion and came to his senses only to find a crowd around him. Every face I saw that evening was downcast with tears rolling from every eye. I had just one question in my mind: Are we safe in our own country? English Composition -Annual Examinations 2004 Tuesday 21st October 2008 Sarah-Jane Baldacchino Form 5.6 ...read more.

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