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unlimited love

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Unlimited Love I thought I might lose him, I thought, as I sat there patiently and trying to stay calm in the hospital, There were sirens, sounds and beeping noises everywhere. I hated the hospital from a young age, it freaked me out, and I despised the sight of blood and screaming and agony everywhere. I sat there waiting until the nurse called me in. You must be thinking why me, a fifteen year old girl is in the hospital all alone? Yes that's a reasonable question, but the answer to that, in fact I don't know myself, all I know is love is complicated it just happens and facing the consequences to love is very tough. Yes love, it makes you feel as if you're on cloud nine flying, love makes u feel angelic, and there is happiness everywhere no matter how dull the day and how depressing situations are. Love makes you blissful and happy. Love is blind everything is invisible all you can see is yourself and your love, love is eternal, never ending and it just happens, you can't help the ones you fall for. My love story was just the same, everything was perfect but the thing is when everything is perfect something seems to go wrong, there is no such thing as a happy ending. It started two years ago when I met him he was so wonderful, attractive and handsome, he had dark brown hair that I could brush my hands through all day, his hair was so smooth and silky and his light hazel eyes which I could gaze into all day, he was tall and had the ...read more.


We spend the first summer holiday together then we had to spend it with our families I had to go Dubai and he was going to Canada for his holiday, we were going to two different places, miles and miles away from each other but our hearts would be in the same place, with each other. We met on the last day before we left for our holiday he told he'll miss me and remember me everyday and he would try and call as much as possible. He looked into my eyes as he told me he loved me I didn't know why those words bought tears to my eyes for the first time, I leaned and hugged him and said I loved him too and this time I was certain I did. I wanted to stay hugging him forever, his touch was so tight I didn't want to let go of him. We said bye to each other and went off to our holidays. Dubai was awfully beautiful it had wonderful beaches and was full of divine palm trees, and the best shopping ever! It was wonderful but I just couldn't wait to get back to my beloved and tell him all the things I saw and tell him how much I missed him and just give him a huge hug. He would call me sometimes all the way from Canada and whisper over the phone that he loved me and say some really silly childish things, he was unbelievable yet surprisingly very sweet, it would just make me laugh. ...read more.


and be happy, but me I'm always in my room, with curtains closed in darkness everywhere, just with memories to think of. I was blessed with his presence and now his gone forever. It felt as if that the world was against me life felt so unfair, what did I ever do too hurt anyone? Why did this happen to me? Yet again questions but no answers! That's what my life is, just an immense question. I mean what do you do when the one that can make you stop crying is the one that made you cry? He was not to blame at all though still, I have many friends yet I felt so lonely, life for me is not the same, there's no one to talk to. I feel hopeless and useless because I just watched my one and only love die like that and I couldn't do anything about it. This pain was unbearable I thought to myself as I looked at the city from my balcony I just need him back in my life, how do I breathe without him by my side? How will I see anything when His love is what bought me to the light, where do I go? I don't see the point of living without him. I just want to die so at least I can be with him, then again why wait? That's one question I had the answer to as I leaned towards the balcony, the ending of my life which is the only way I can be with him, I never thought twice because this is all that will give me eternal bliss and happiness. ...read more.

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