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Unman Wittering And Zigo

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Chloe sat on a plastic bench by the harbour, waiting for the boat that would take her to the island. "I'm waiting for Josephine, Miss" said an elderly man as he sat beside her. Chloe sighed inwardly. She did not feel like talking and after all, she did not know this man sitting beside, nor did she know any one called Josephine. "She'll be on the next ferry," he continued, " Are you taking the next ferry?" His voice was pleasant, lilting and light. Chloe glanced at her watch, she still had two hours to wait. Dilemma. She wanted quiet, she wanted to be on her own. Still, a question had been asked and a reply was needed. "Yes," she responded in a quiet voice, " I'll be taking the next ferry." He nodded and seemed satisfied. It lulled him into a thoughtful silence. Chloe took the opportunity in this silence to steal a quick glance at him. ...read more.


Chloe was still curious about Josephine. "Does Josephine live on the island?" "Not any more, She's coming back now on the ferry you'll be taking over there. "Is she your wife?" "No" After a few minutes of silence Chloe spotted the ferry approaching. " Can you see her?" she asked, watching his blue eyes scan and scour the figures on the deck and on the gangplank. "Josephine, is she there?" But he is too busy combing the crowd to answer. Now the deck is deserted, the gangplank bare and the passengers dispersed. He turns to Chloe, "I'm waiting for Josephine," he tells her looking disorientated and down. Chloe feels concerned for him and cross with Josephine. "Why don't I take the next ferry? I could wait with you." Chloe suggested. "No, no, the island awaits you. I'm waiting for Josephine, she'll be here soon. Perhaps on the next ferry." Chloe shuffled and wished him well. He said good luck but his watery eyes are else where, forever scanning. ...read more.


"Little Josephine Birch, a prettier petal you could not have found. She was always full of joy. She found a boat, but, although we drum it into our kids heads not to play in the water, somehow this boat was just too irresistible. She wanted to follow her daddy to work. Only the boat was found. We searched for days, for months. Her dad, Sam, was distraught. His waking hours became pain, his sleep purgatory, his heart all but died. He left the island and he has never returned." Chloe was anxious as she neared the land. She couldn't see him but she knew he was there, she knew he was there every day. She felt wretched that she was just one of the many passengers causing him torment for not being Josephine. When the boat had docked, she smiled in his direction but his pale blue eyes were too involved in searching for someone else to have noticed her. " I'm waiting for Josephine," he said to no-one in particular. She turned her head away and merged, anonymous and useless into the crowd. ...read more.

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