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unseen written story dracula

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Unseen written story Dracula-plan Introduction. Intro - S et the scene introduce the characters and explain there background. Next paragraph show a little suspense and action and show the goodies from the badies. Try to give it some atmosphere and use descriptive language to show the level of monstrosity and fear and tension. Introduction The black night which falls over Transylvania conceals many dark mysteries. On the mountain top a legend was born, some say it is a myth but many have fallen beneath it, it is called Count Dracula, a blood sucking animal, but looks no different from you or me. Our story begins in Mexico where a young valiant man named Van Helsing kills vampires for a living. Vampires, they say, are a weaker form of Dracula but still kill the innocent to suck their blood. Van Helsing has set out to vanquish all the blood sucking creatures. Back in Mexico where Van Helsing is on a hunt; jumping and leaping through the town lit by night, chasing a vampire. Van Helsing shot three darts from his crossbow; two hit the creature, dripping blood everywhere. Suddenly, the creature turns snatches the crossbow, rapidly Van Helsing uses hand to hand combat. This bloody battle is getting dangerously close to the end then stab... Van Helsing stood up with his dagger penetrating the vampire's heart. The vampire slowly died as the blood drained out of its veins. "That's one less vampire off the face of the earth" announced Van Helsing, to his right hand man Gimbulton. ...read more.


They both blew out their candles and got some rest. As the early morning dawn broke, Van Helsing was up and ready and was cleaning the components of his guns, and checking ammo. "Get up and get ready," said Van Helsing, "I'm going down to find some horses." Gimbulton nodded his head in agreement. As Gimbulton was getting ready he heard shots fired from downstairs he quickly grabbed his crossbow and ran down. When he came down he saw the receptionist kneeling down crying and when he looked up he saw three huge muscular men dead, "Come here Gimbulton!" Van Helsing shouted from outside were he was looking at one of the men's back which had a message carved into his flesh. The message scripted "Tick tock, tick tock, don't waste my time slayer or ill be having an early supper" Van Helsing looked up at Gimbulton in despair, "We have to get that other half of the map!!!" Gimbulton nodded his head, "I'll gather the horses and equipment, and we will kill that evil vindictive beast!" Gimbulton said heroically. As Gimbulton said this a man came out of the hotel, "You won't be able to do it alone, and I have nothing to live for, there savage men killed all my sons and wife and my daughter needs to get to safety, please can I join your voyage?" Van Helsing looked at the man, "We work alone", "But we could use an extra hand," replied Gimbulton, "Plus I have cousins in Kimberly" the man sincerely added, "Ok, what is your name" Van Helsing questioned, "|My name is Diego Sanchez, but I usually get call 'D', it is a nickname." ...read more.


She roared a mighty scream and slowly dissolved into ashes and blew out the window with the wind. "You shall pay for such treachery!" Dracula shouted as he swooped over to Diego. Diego dived out the way and managed to shuffle along the floor to give Van Helsing a blade to cut them free, but he quickly had to dodge two more attacks. As Gimbulton was freeing himself Dracula threw three knives at him. Diego somersaulted through the air and the three knives punctured his torso slowly killing him. "NOOOO!!!" shouted Gimbulton as he ran over to Diego's body. With his last few breaths he groaned, "I died for a good cause, defeat Dracula and look after my daughter!" Slowly he passed away. Whilst this took place Van Helsing was having a huge fight with Dracula, "Save my sister, and get her out of here!" yelled Van Helsing. Gimbulton got to work and freed her. 'Boooom' a giant fire began as Dracula threw Van Helsing through some chemicals. "GO, GO!!!" Van Helsing cried, Gimbulton and Van Helsing's sister were on there way out. They ran down the path of the mountain until a huge explosion took place behind them. The castle blew up from the fire and gun powder, debris lay everywhere. "Oh, no" cried Van Helsing's sister, "Nothing could of survived that horrific explosion." "He will pull through, stay here I will go and check for him" said Gimbulton. Underneath some burning tables Gimbulton heard something coughing violently, Gimbulton gently over turned the table to see Van Helsing battered and bruised, "I don't die that easily!" grunted Van Helsing. Ali Greenfield English- Mrs Lockwood 30 Nov. 07 ...read more.

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