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US Drone Attack in Waziristan

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´╗┐US DRONES ATTACKS IN WAZIRISTAN!!! We hear so much about the Taliban over the news killing innocent people; however they are not the only ones thoughtlessly murdering people. The great US drones who say that they are killing Taliban, but they are not. Every day, over the new I hear stories of innocent people of Waziristan being killed. Never ever, in my life I have heard that in today?s drone attacks the so called Taliban very killed. I look at the news and I hear the crying of people losing their loved ones and being left alone in the world. When I was in Pakistan, I used hear people on going strikes to help the one who live their lives scared, however the corrupt government in Pakistan did not respond to any of that. The only response to the strikes was that the police came in and beat the people. The Americans talk about human rights, but where is that sense of humanity when those Americans press a single button, which kills innocent people in Waziristan. ...read more.


Even Mr Rehman Chisti, the Conservative Party MP also agreed with Mr Khan and said that he has raised the question in the Parliament, but has not gotten any reply. He also said that this needs to be made clear to the Pakistani public that the UK is not providing the US with intelligence as it can affect national security. This incident that happened last year also gives evidence that US drone attacks are thoughtlessly murdering innocent people as the survivors said that it was a council of elders assembled to settle a local dispute not a gathering of Al-Qaeda or Taliban. Is this evidence not enough for the USA to stop these drone attacks or they want to carry on killing innocent people and labelling them as Taliban or members of Al- Qaeda. Well let me tell the USA that not everyone in Waziristan is a Taliban. If the Pakistani government is going along with the drone attacks to eliminate Taliban from their country and restore peace, it does not mean that you can kill anyone saying that they are some kind of militant. ...read more.


These people and many more are dead, not only adults have died but so have children of many ages have died. Is this act still justified? Now let me ask you that how would you feel if you went to work in the morning and came back home seeing it all destroyed, with your wife, children and siblings dead. Just imagine that moment. How would you feel? Lonely, with no one beside you, is that how you feel, isn?t it. Just think about the people who cannot see the loving and caring smiles of their wives and the playfulness of their children. Do you not feel any sympathy for them? Do they not feel any sympathy? They cannot bring their loved ones backs. I know that it is very easy to just sit and click a button, but those people cannot feel the anger and agony of the people who was standing in front of the dead bodies of their family. Stand up for the weak, together we can make a difference for the people around us. I am sure that together we can stop this thoughtless murdering. Our voice will be heard. ...read more.

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