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Using three or more characters show what you think Priestley was trying to achieve in his play, An Inspector Calls.

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Using three or more characters show what you think Priestley was trying to achieve in his play, AN INSPECTOR CALLS The play An Inspector Calls is set in 1912 and is meant to be seen by a live audience in a theatre. The setting is meant to show a middle class Edwardian family celebrating some good news. We can tell this by what the actors and actresses are wearing, this happens to be the evening dress of the period. The men are wearing tails and white ties. This shows the wealth of the family. The atmosphere is disturbed from pleasant to anger and division by the arrival of Inspector Goole. When Inspector Goole arrives the lighting is changed from pink and intimate to a more powerful bright and harder light. Priestley shows us what society was like in the early twentieth century by a brief comment from Mr Birling, "When you marry you'll be marrying at a good time ... ...read more.


"I've thought that ... counting their pennies in their dingy little back bedrooms". Priestley shows us that Mr Birling stands for capitalism. The language Mr Birling understands is money and how to make more of it. We can see this by the following statement, "I've learnt in the good hard school of experience that a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own. " This is the possession of wealth and is the belief of every man for himself. Capitalism is mostly believed to be the system of exploitation, monopoly, and class warfare. The nature of capitalism is social harmony through the pursuit of self-interest. Under capitalism, the individual's pursuit of his own economic self-interest at the same time benefits the economic self-interests of all others. Capitalism causes wealth to be created in the most efficient manner possible which ultimately raises the standard of living, increases the economic opportunities for a person. ...read more.


The play can be educational because it gives the viewers or readers an insight of what life was like for certain people in 1914. Priestley has also tried to make the play entertaining by showing that even the upper class people of society of around 1914 were not as magnificent as they thought they were by showing the ability of one man (Inspector Goole) who can make a selection of certain people from upper class families show almost human emotions like fear instead of the ruthlessness and bully boy tactics to make money. I think Priestley is also trying to get the point across that the path to a better future for mankind starts with younger generations. The younger generations of society are more able to change their minds than older generations. This is shown with the examples of Eric and Sheila Birling (who are able to change) and Mr and Mrs Birling (who refuse to change their ways. ...read more.

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