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Using up to Chapter 33, analyse the relationship between Pip and Estella.

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Using up to Chapter 33, analyse the relationship between Pip and Estella. Chapter 33 opens with Pip again showing how obsessed he is with Estella. He says however, "even in my eyes" suggesting that he realises that he sees her in a better light than anybody else for example Herbert says in chapter 22: "She's a Tartar". Pip notices a change in her mannerisms in this visit, only the second time the two have met since adulthood. Pip again shows that he knows she is different around him to around other people as he says, "cared to let it be to me", he seems to know, or at least believe that she is ruder, more insulting and supercilious in Pip's company than that of people in her social circle, or of class. Throughout this chapter and chapter 29, even though both Pip and Estella are adults now, we see the influence of Miss Havisham. Estella blames her actions upon her being made to follow the unknown orders of Miss Havisham; "and I write in obedience to it" suggests that Estella is otherwise unwilling to have any contact with Pip at all, and she wants him to know this. ...read more.


which also suggests that she is trying to distance herself from Pip. However she does seem to show a trust and dependence upon Pip when she entrusts him with her purse and although she does so coldly, holds his arm. Is that just a way to lure him? Pip is well aware that she tries to lure him as he says in Chapter 29 "She treated me as a boy still, but she lured me on". But even this sense of Estella trying to manipulate Pip as Pip now knows is the plan of Miss Havisham does not dissuade him as he says; It was impossible for me to avoid seeing that she cared to attract me; and that she made herself winning; and would have won me even if the task had needed pains. he obviously knows the intentions of Miss Havisham "to wreak revenge on all the male sex" when he continues with she held my heart in her hand because it would have wrung any tenderness in her, to crush it and throw it away In Chapter 33 she calls Pip a "silly boy" as a derogatory term, echoing earlier episodes when she regularly referred to him, although a peer as "boy". ...read more.


it, and build no hope on it; which tells the reader that he is hardening to her effects, but Pip obviously adores her too much when he continues; I went on against trust and hope continuing the idea that he does not just love her, but has become obsessed by Estella. However, it is made explicitly obvious that she can certainly live without Pip and intends to do so. But she continues to, obvious to the reader if not to Pip, encourage his beliefs of her mutual feelings when she says "indeed you are already mentioned" which suggests to Pip that he is considered by Estella often, although we do not know who mentioned Pip, as it could just be the plans of Miss Havisham for Pip to visit. If the reader views Estella as completely manipulative and heartless, then this being the first time in the novel that she calls Pip by his name could be seen as Estella trying to drag Pip further into her net and Pip realise this, although he still continues to let it work. Chapter 33 is a key point where Pip realises Estella's true intentions, or at least begins to see through her plans. ...read more.

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