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Using your analysis of Shakespeare's text, suggest ways in which act 3 scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet could be performed.

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Using your analysis of Shakespeare's text, suggest ways in which act 3 scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet could be performed. Romeo and Juliet is about two feuding families, the Montagues and the Capulets. The Montague's son, Romeo and the Capulet's daughter Juliet fall in love with one another, however their love for one another must be concealed as the families would not approve. The beginning of Act 3 Scene 5 is set on the balcony of Juliet's bedroom in the family house situated in Verona, Italy. This version of the play will be set in the same period as when it was written. The clothes that Romeo and Juliet wear are made of rich materials. Romeo will wear a frilly shirt, waistcoat, tight leggings and a sheet of material draped over his shoulders held in place by a gold brooch. Juliet is wearing a white silky bed gown in this scene due to the fact that she has just woken up. Juliet's bedroom is decorated in dark terracotta with a large, dark brown, oak sleigh bed in the centre of the room with elegant materials covering the bed such as silk and linens. Also over the top of the bed is a canopy, once again dark and rich materials, to symbolise her family's wealth. Around the room there is dark furniture to match the bed, such as a dressing table with a large ovular gold rimmed mirror, and dark floor to ceiling wardrobes that have large panes of mirrors embedded into the doors. ...read more.


"Your lady mother is coming to your chamber" After she has said her lines she rushes off back through the double doors. To create tension in the room, movements would be rushed, Juliet would spring to her feet and this would be Romeo's cue to leave. He will swing his legs over the side of the balcony and come to Juliet for one final kiss before he quickly jumps over the balcony. Then Juliet says leaning over her balcony "Art thou gone so love, ay husband, friend", This line shows to the audience how much respect Juliet has for Romeo, as Juliet says that she needs him to live. She also says "I shall be much in years" every minute they are apart it will seem like years to her. Romeo makes her feel better by telling her he will take every opportunity to write and tell her all. "I will omit no opportunity, that may convey my greetings love to thee" There is a big contrast as Romeo addresses Juliet with great optimism. When they are together when they are older and they look back on their woes, they will just seem stupid and laugh. However this doesn't calm Juliet down, and she has a vision of Romeo lying dead in a tomb. At this point, the play begins to gather momentum and the audience is given a clue as to how the play will end. From the garden filled with pink and red flowers, Romeo says his good byes whilst looking amorously up at her. ...read more.


Once lady Capulet has left the room, Juliet will go to lie on her bed weeping, heart broken and in despair. The nurse will then go and sit next to her on Juliet's bed and cuddle her to help comfort her. She then says "Faith here it is...and you no use of him" The nurse tries to comfort her telling her that Paris excels Romeo and that she would be better off forgetting Romeo. She parts herself from the nurse cuddling her because she has suddenly begun to speak badly of her Romeo. This is because the Nurse is scared of Capulet, knowing that her job could be at stake if he was to find out that she had advised Juliet to marry Romeo. When the nurse refers to Rome as good as dead "Your first is dead or 'twere as good he were", Juliet looks away from the nurse with horror and then in a very sarcastic manner says "Well thou hast comforted me, marvellous much" Juliet seeing that she is not going to get her own way tells her nurse to go and tell her mother that she has gone to confession, whilst pointing at her bedroom door, as she continues to plot her escape with Romeo. The nurse replies by telling her that she would marry Paris rather than Romeo as she thinks that would be the right thing to do, "Marry I will, and this is wisely done" The Nurse stands up from the bed and takes her leave. Juliet then says "If all else fails, myself have the power to die" meaning that if she can never marry Romeo then she is capable of taking her own life. Robert Bland 10-1 English April 2004 ...read more.

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