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V For Vendetta

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V for Vendetta Essay The movie, "V for Vendetta" is about the protagonist of the movie named V and how he tries to destroy the totalitarian society of the futuristic London, England. This film was directed by James McTeigue and is set in a dystopian society. V for Vendetta is an action-thriller film primarily set in the Jordan Tower, where Evey Hammond works. V, the antagonist according to the government, dresses up in a "Guy Fawkes" mask, starts a violent campaign to bring down the government to give the people of London hope. ...read more.


In their societies, only the protagonists know that they are living in a dystopian society and want to give hope to the others. Everybody else in those societies is oblivious to the fact they are living in a dystopian society because of the atmosphere in which they are surrounded. In both plots, the setting takes place in London, England even though they both portray the future but in different time settings (1984 and 2040). One symbol which signifies the fact they are living in a dictatorial society are their propaganda posters. In the film, "V for Vendetta" the government is represented by their poster, "Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith." ...read more.


Since many of these themes are portrayed in each of these pieces of work, people can relate these incidents in our time period as well. Now that our time period is becoming much more relevant to the film and the novel, oppression is more obvious to relate to than in the past. Being exposed to heavy surveillance and becoming more attached with advanced technology, these pieces of literature has also become relevant in our time as well. These pieces of literature also convey the fact that our time period might also become into a futuristic totalitarian society. ?? ?? ?? ?? Samah Syed ENGEDEa ...read more.

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