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Valentine, Romeo and Juliet and Sonnet #18 all address love and death hand in hand. Why do you think they do this?

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Sara Guslov 11A 23/09/12 English homework: ?Valentine?, ?Romeo and Juliet? and ?Sonnet #18? all address love and death hand in hand. Why do you think they do this? William Shakespeare?s ?Romeo and Juliet? and ?Sonnet #18? and Caroline Duffy?s ?Valetine? all address love and death hand in hand. Caroline Duffy?s ?Valetine? addresses love as a temporary, yet possesive love and death as an emotional death in which love turns to hate. Shakespeare?s ?Romeo and Juliet? addresses love as a youthful, consuming and almost possesive love and death as an emotional and physical death in which without the ?love of their lives? they have no reason to be alive. Shakespeares ?Sonnet #18? addresses love as an eternal and unconditional love which holds a place above all things, and addresses death as the only means to an end to that irrevocable love. Caroline Duffy writes ?I give you an onion. Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips, possessive and faithful as we are, for as long as we are.? This implies that her ?fierce kiss? is an experience that will stay with her ...read more.


This occurs once Romeo assumes Juliet is dead, and takes his own life to join her, and she does the same. This conveys a message of undying love, as they believed that even in death they shall be together and their love will go on, no matter if their hearts are beating or not. They both believed that without the other, they have no point in living. Shakespeare writes ?These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triump die, like fire and powder, which, as they kiss, consume? This implies the ?violent delights? are Romeo and Juliet falling in love, even if they are sworn enemies from birth. The ?violent ends? are Romeo and Juliet?s double-suicide. The fire and powder imply that Romeo is the fire and Juliet the powder, together they cause a greater flame, and the two coming together burn, or in Romeo and Juliet?s case; die. ?And in their truimph die? illustrates that the flame is spectacular, but the spectacle is entirely due to the destructive force. ...read more.


a sonnet, if the love for this person is there, there is always a way for it to be everlasting and so there doesn’t have to be an end to their love. This immortalizes the sonnet and with it, his love. Shakespeare believed that by writing this poem, his love would become one with time and would be saved from the obliviation that is death. In conclusion, all three of the pieces address love and death hand in hand to connote that love is not always easy and may end violently, however, there is always a point to love, whether it may be the experience, the belief that love is life or an immortal love by the words of a sonnet. Caroline Duffy and William Shakespeare use the notion of death to create a more dramatic and stirring idea of love, this may be to educate people or to ease their worries that love doesn’t last, however, if there is a will there is a way for an immortal, eternal and irrevocable love. PLEASE GIVE ME A GRADE ON THIS ESSAY, THANK YOU⺠...read more.

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