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'Vampires' - creative writing.

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Kashif Hussein Coursework English Mr Wiltshire 'Vampires' It was a bright day until a storm was starting to brew; I was on my way home to New York in my carriage with Eddy the cart controller in the Texas farmland. As we were going to set off an intrepid man stepped out of his cart. he came up to us and advised us. "Beware of the north winds, be back by night fall and have a pleasant drive madam." I asked him what he meant; but he abruptly turned and walked away. I was confused, I asked eddy what he meant, he uttered something in Spanish and whipped the horses violently until they sped away. I sat there wandering what the immense bald man had said; he spoke in a low and grumbling voice. We drove by a dark and gloomy alley that led to a cemetery. It was dark, murky and uninhabited. I wasn't even sure it was a cemetery. This looked interesting to me so I told Eddy to stop. He stared back at me fearfully and slowly went on. I jumped out of the carriage and on to the ground with desperate intrigue tried to look down the alley. Eddy stopped and gestured to say not to go down the alley. ...read more.


But this was only momentarily; there was an object before me it was a great massive coffin of marble, it had a gold plated scripture on to it that read. 'La Reina De Vampiros' '1065-1886' I was shocked, now I knew the real reason why Eddie had been so frightened and ran away. I began to wish, for the first time, that I had taken Eddie's advice. Here a thought struck me, which came under almost mysterious circumstances and with a terrible shock. This was la subida del muerto! It was when, according to the belief of millions of people, when the vampire's rose for their final destination, but every time they did they were defeated, but this time the cemetery was empty. It was like the army was being controlled by the arising vampires or just somehow forgot about this day. The coffins opened up. I was in shock. The vampires rose up heading towards me! I screamed helplessly. As they drew nearer I tried to move but was powerless, although I could see and hear all that went on around me. Some Indians came beside me with bows and arrows. One of them raised his arrow ready to shoot out. I then fainted, When I awoke some brandy was poured down my throat; I saw some red Indians rushing through to the vampires. ...read more.


I saw that I was in a shadow where nothing could be seen. I looked out a head and saw the goddess searching for me. She was about a few hundred yards away; this was enough for me to get away. I got my self ready by closing up my wounds and ran to a distance that I didn't know of, at this time I were hoping I were heading the right way, after minutes when I were breathless I saw my cart, I ran furiously to get to the destination before the goddess saw me. I reached my cart and thought that I'm one lucky bit**, woooo hooooooo. But not for long when the goddess was right behind me. I pulled out the bazooka vulnerably and 'boom' missing her, I dropped the bazooka and showed her my skills, after a while I had got her down. She had flown back to her cart, I wondered why. I thought this was the perfect chance for me to shoot her. I got my aim right and strike, boom whack; I hit her forehead damaging her. A storm started to brew in, I got in to my cart and unbelievably she started to melt with the rain I was shocked an all. I had returned to my hotel, I did tell the folks the adventure but they just laughed and called me a clown that was the end. The end Kashif Hussain ...read more.

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