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Vendetta - Macbeth Adaptation

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English Coursework - Macbeth adaptation As she looked into the sky, Vendetta let out a deep sigh. Vendetta was a young Jewish child whom had been brought up around witches. Her father, who had recently passed away, had left his daughter a vast sum of money. As she walked, she contemplated to herself about how she would spend this small fortune. She stopped outside the famous oak tree. This place, as she knew too well, was the witches' place of residence, somewhere she had tried to avoid going her whole life. This place brought back unwanted memories of her mother. The vast majority of witches had been killed in the mass murder of 1886; unfortunately they counted her mother as being a witch, even though she was merely a pagan who could conjure up medicines made of plants. Her thoughts were disturbed by a loud crash; something was happening inside the oak tree that was making an awful amount of noise and causing animals such as hedgehogs and tabby cats to whine. Feeling a sense of curiosity, Vendetta found herself moving towards the entrance of the coven. ...read more.


I have just received a large sum of money from my late father, I'm sure it would cover any damages I made." "There is no need for money, we have everything we would ever need. Except for some new ingredients, if you brought us these then we might come to an agreement on the situation of your life." "That sounds reasonable, a few ingredients for my life." However, in her mind Vendetta was rather puzzled that witches would give such value to some herbs and oils. "What ingredients do you need? Tea-tree oil? Witch hazel?" "Don't be so stupid child, we have plenty of those. What we desire has much more value than a couple of twigs. In exchange for your freedom, you are to get the liver of a blaspheming Jew, Gall of goat and finger of birth-strangled babe ditch-delivered by a drab. When -IF- you get these things and only these things we will, perhaps, let you leave. Now GO child, and be warned, you have one month to collect these." Vendetta awoke outside the forest and on the path to the Jewish cemetery. "Liver of blaspheming Jew," Vendetta looked at the sky and whimpered. ...read more.


Her mother's torture at the stake was re-enacted once more before her eyes and she had to be put through the agony of seeing her father and brother bleeding to death after being stoned by the Christians. After five long minutes she managed to open her eyes, all the images from her mind had gone. Then after a short gasp for air, Vendetta fell to the ground in one short move. The lucid spirit lifted her soul towards him and muttered something like a chant or song. Unexpectedly the sky opened before them and pulled her lifeless body towards the atmosphere. Other mourners in the graveyard seemed confused and mystified at the sight of a body floating towards the sky that had torn in two before them. Worried that this precious experience would torment them in later life, the spirit quickly erased any memories from the public before things got out of hand. Vendetta's eyes fluttered as she gently opened them to find herself being pulled towards her own interpretation of heaven. "Excuse me? But where are we going?" Vendetta stuttered. "It's alright Vendetta, my sweet, Mother's here now." A soft, warm voice replied. Vendetta felt her eyelids become increasingly heavy and found herself falling into a deep sleep. "That's right darling," the voice cackled, "We'll be seeing you very soon." ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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