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Vendetta story

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Vendetta Her nose was surrounded by the gracious smell from hundreds of roses which lifted her emotions to brighten up her day making it seem not quite as bad as it was. The girl stood there in silence. She stood rigid with her feet firmly closed together in her black polished shoes. A delicate petal from a deep red rose lifted by the wind flew past her body gently touching her clothes as if it were paying special attention to her black tights. Then with another breeze of wind the petal flew up and past her dress and settled gently on her shoulder. "Roxy, Roxy," she looked up through the netting on her face as a tear drops from her deep brown eye and runs softly down her rosy red cheeks, past her pointed nose and then settles on the flick of her lip. She gazed at her mum who was holding her hand tight as though she was scared of losing her. "It's gunna be okay love." Both Roxy and her mum looked beyond the crowd of people. There eyes fixed on one person. "Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust," The man says in a gloomy yet powerful voice. Roxy looked round and sees that the coffin is being lowered down towards the dark eerie pit in the ground. Roxy pressed her head against her mum's waist wiping the tears from her face. As everyone left, Roxy and her mum stayed a while longer, just enough time to place a family picture on the coffin. "Anna are you two comin'?" her friend shouted. "ill catch up," she replies in a soft voice. Anna knelt down by the coffin and placed the picture by the side of the tombstone. Anna stayed there in silence trying to accept that it was better for her husband to have died than to suffer and endure further pain. ...read more.


"Father I really do need to get home, my mum will be wondering where I am" "Take of your clothes," "What?" she says uneasily, "please let me leave," she could feel her body temperature rising and a stinging sensation burned around her neck "You not leaving Roxy my dear, don't you want to have some fun?" As he spoke those chilling words he moved in closer to her. "Your father would thank me for taking care of you," he said Roxy's body froze, she wanted to turn and run but her body seemed to have lost all co-ordination, she wanted to scream and even opened her mouth but no sound came out. What happened nest was a blur but somehow she was on the floor. Suddenly the realisation kicked in. She fought as hard as she could, trying to hold Farther Frank of her but her hardest wasn't hard enough. He pinned her down to the floor then tied her wrists up with the rope curtain tiebacks. Roxy couldn't move. She just lay there flat on the ground with farther panting away on top of her. Farther started to press his lips down against Roxy, They were wet. She tried to scream again but she couldn't as she was so out of breath from the fight. "Don't," Roxy said exhaustedly, "Don't," she said again making it seem that this word was the only word she could say. Farther became tired of hearing her voice. "Shut up," he said whilst reaching over to the side grabbing a tea towel and shoving it in her mouth. Father began to press his wet lips down Roxy's neck then began to shove his hand under her skirt. He ripped Roxy's pants off then started working himself over her. After what seemed like forever he finally stopped. He stayed there. Roxy could feel his heartbeat thudding against her chest. ...read more.


I'm pretty sad. Do you think you could come round my house tonight for some company?" she says as her hands become tense. The horrid feeling in her body was running through her blood. She was starting to sweat. "umm...," "I'm going to cook," "Ok, I will I know you are feeling lonely," "Ok great," she says," could you come round about eightish ok," "Ok will be there," he says, "bye," "See ya later," That night Frank comes round for dinner. As he arrives at the door of Anna's house he could smell the succulent smell of her cooking. Frank knocks on the door. He hears the footsteps from Anna walking towards the door. "Hello father," she says as she opens the door, "come on in," She leads him towards the kitchen dining table. Candles were placed around the table with two silver place mats on the table. "That smell great," Frank complements. When frank isn't looking she pours the poison into the meal. After leaving the meal to foment for about half hours she brings the meal over to the table "Thanks, hope you like it," Anna goes of to pour two drinks. "Go ahead, I'm just going to get us two drinks," Frank takes a bite of a big piece of chicken. "This is fantastic," frank says with halve a mouth full of food. "That's good then," Anna says as she pours two glasses of wine, she slowly turns round and looks at Frank. Her anger starts to rise again. Her pulse beats so load it sounds like there is a band of drums inside her. But she doesn't show it. She sits down opposite Frank as he eats over half of his dinner. "I know what you did," she says quietly. "Huh," Frank looks up in a shocked face. "I know what you did to my daughter," Franks heart started to pound, his face drops, his hands become clammy. "The funny thing is Father," Anna leans over the table to whisper in his ear, "we all have to die sometimes," Aaron joll ...read more.

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