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Victim. There was one person too many in the house when he sprang from the closet. The man really didn't look dangerous. His plain white shirt and black jeans did not appear threatening

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Victim Such odd patterns the rain made on the wet window. It had been pouring for nearly an hour now; Rachel found it quite relaxing. She sat on the couch watching some stupid talk show about people who had been victimized by con artists. She shook her head slightly, sighed, and stirred her tea. Rising while holding the mug perfectly still, she went into the kitchen to empty what remained of her Earl Grey. Upon her return, she remembered that she had left the window in her room open. Earlier that night, she had been sitting by that very window; the rain felt cool and clean on her rosy cheeks. Rachel cursed herself for leaving it partly open, which allowed water to cover a small portion of her bedspread. ...read more.


She screamed from both fear and sheer surprise. He held the knife to her throat with one hand and began to unbutton her cream-colored blouse with the other. Rachel struggled violently, yelling, "Get off of me, you sick weirdo!" He only grinned and continued. She clawed his right arm with her pointy nails, breaking the skin. He shrieked and dropped his weapon. Rachel quickly snatched it in her right hand while her attacker was briefly injured. She then sliced him across the hand, shoving him off of her and onto the soft, pale blue carpet as he howled in pain. The thought of calling the police never crossed her mind as she ran to fetch her axe. ...read more.


It required little effort, as the rain had given the earth a soft, moist quality. After returning the shovel to its proper place, she retreated to her inner sanctum with dirty, bloody hands. The faded blue carpet in her home carried bits of red here and there. Some came from tonight's visitor, but others originated from several of Rachel's victims. The spotless walls were decorated with pictures of dead bodies, destroyed cities, and an iron maiden. She carefully washed the knife as well as her hands. "Another piece for my collection." Rachel smirked, placing the knife in an empty display case beside the axe. She didn't have to do anything; he had come to her! Eyeing the blade, she wished she'd gotten something more personal from him like a ring or a watch. Normally, souvenirs came in this form. Still, the knife would do nicely. ...read more.

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