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Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist

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GCSE Prose Study Frankenstein By Mary Shelly One aspect the novel Frankenstein written by Mary shelly is how dreams and ambitions can sometimes result in disappointment or even tragedy. I will show this by analysing the main characters of the story Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist of the story. Victor was created to show the reader the effects of prejudice. From the start Victor was shown to be selfish, this was shown by the predominance of the personal pronoun on page 56 and throughout the first part of the novel. ...read more.


His dream at the moment was broken, ruined and all because he possessed prejudice. Victor does actually have 4 dreams but creating his creature was by far his priority. His four dreams are: * To aid mankind with his knowledge of science. * To create life. * To be able to marry Elizabeth and start a family. * To help his family (love and companion ship). The first dream was based on the death of his mother; this inspired him to make breakthroughs in science would help him in his case His second dream was based on his growing obsession about science and experiments involving the use or corpses. ...read more.


He realised that in the eyes of humanity his creature was ugly and therefore he abandoned his creature. This revealed his tragic flaw was his inability to think about his creations feelings. He couldn't face up to his creations and his stress led to his nervous breakdown, and eventually led to Victors death and to those close to him (Elizabeth, William). Victors Creature also had dreams of his own, these also result in disappointment * To love and be loved * To be accepted into mankind * To help mankind * Not to be a victim of human prejudice JJ Salonga 10 h ...read more.

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