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Victorian Villains.

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Geraint Williams English Coursework Victorian Villains As part of my GCSE coursework, I have read two novels written by Charles Dickens. The first novel is 'Oliver Twist', from, whwhich I will look at a villain called Bill Sikes who is a thief, a housebreaker, a murderer and one of Ddickens' most menacing characters. I will look at how Dickens characterises him as a villain.s makes him a villain. The second book I read was 'Great Expectations', infrom which I will look at another villain called Magwitch who bullies a young boy named Pip into helping him q.escaping from prison. I will also look at how Dickens characterises himmakes him as a villain.. I will then compare Bboth characters will then be compared and contrasted in my study. . The first person I will look at is Bill Sikes who is a murderer, a thief, a housebreaker, a bully and is part of Fagan's gang. Before we meet Sikes, Dickens dDescribes his environment. Firstly it is described as an 'obscure parlour of a low public house', a 'dark and gloomy den', 'in the filthiest part of Little Saffron Hill' and 'where no ray of sun ever shone in the summer'. ...read more.


The use of words 'hell's fire', and 'Devil', gives reference to Hell where the damned are punished and suggests that he will be damned for his actions. He then acts very aggressively we know this because aggressive words are uses such as 'flinging', 'rushed', 'darted'; 'dashed', 'furiously'. These words are often associated with Sikes' and suggest that he has an aggressive character. Sikes warns Fagin he is 'not safe', this suggests that Sikes knows he has an uncontrollable temper, Fagin knows this because he prepares himself to let Sikes out. After Bill leaves we see that he has tunnel vision because he never turns, this suggests that he is resolute in his decision of murder. He is described as possessing 'savage resolution', this evokes an idea that he is determined to carry out his evil deed. The word 'savage' has been used before to describe Sikes; this is because it makes Sikes look more inhuman. During the walk Nancy, we see that Dickens has used short phrases and sentences; this is to quicken pace, create tension and build up suspense. Sikes has a 'strained jaw' this shows his anger and makes him seem inhuman and animalistic. When entering the house he is very calculating and deliberate because he carries out his actions 'lightly' and 'softly' this is totally out of ...read more.


Magwitch speaks to Pip with heavy dialect for he says 'darn me...'. He also threatens to cannibalise Pip, much like a stereotypical children's villain. This terrifies Pip into doing his bidding, though he would never carryout his threats unlike Bill Sikes. Magwitch further petrifies the timid Pip with a series of threats of Murder with threats such as 'supposin' you're kindly let to live, which I han't made up my mind about?' and the question being whether you're to be let to live' and threats of cannibalism such as 'your heart and liver shall be tore out' and 'The young man has a secret way pecooliar to himself, of getting at a boy'. It petrifies Pip but it is highly unlikely he will carry out his threats. Therefore I can say that both Magwitch and Sikes threaten people and are both violent and aggressive, however Magwitch doesn't carry out his threats, while Sikes does. When Magwitch leaves Pip the sky is described as a 'row of long angry red lines and dense black lines intermixed', this suggests a very frightening atmosphere. Also Magwitch is described as a 'pirate' who would obviously be part of a young boys dreams. Therefore I think the last description reflects the feelings and emotions of a very frightened young Pip. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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