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At the beginning of the extract, Miller shows that Beatrice and Catherine are trying to change the subject to avoid an awkward silence by making them talk about random things. Catherine says: "I know it's like oranges and lemons on a tree. [To Eddie]I mean you ever think of oranges and lemons on a tree." Before Catherine says this, they are talking about Rodolpho marrying Catherine for an American passport. Catherine knows this will annoy Eddie and changes the subject dramatically. By doing this Miller shows that she only said this for the sake of changing the subject and avoid confrontation. Beatrice also does this when in the stage direction Miller says "sitting; diverting their attention." This is done to avoid the sensitive topic of Rodolpho marrying Catherine. this is an underlying tension in the room which the characters are trying to ignore if this is not ignored it makes it an awkward situation from everybody in the room. However, trying to talk about oranges and lemons doesn't work, as Eddie just wants to have and argument .Miller shows this by making Rodolpho and Edie have a disagreement over oranges and lemons. Eddie still takes offence and says: "I know lemons are green for Christ sake, you see them in the store, and they're green sometimes I said oranges, they paint. ...read more.


Marco then challenges Eddie to pick up a chair. This increases the tension excessively as they are not playing around Marco at this time is very serious At this point Eddie is very shocked and asks; "What do you mean?" Marco demonstrates to Eddie without lifting the chair. Eddie then tries and cannot do it. He tries again and still cannot do it. He then finds an excuse why he cannot lift it. "It's on an angle, that's why heh?" Marco then proves that he is stronger. Marco lifts the chair and finds it very hard to do so as you can see by his jaw and eyes, his neck is also stiff. They look 'face to face' into each other eyes, and Eddie's 'smile vanishes' as he knows that Marco is warning him. In doing this, he threatens Eddie not to get on the wrong side of both Rodolpho and himself. This accelerates the tension exceedingly Eddie now realizes that Rodolpho is not on his own and Marco is aware of what Eddie is upto. While this is happening from Eddie having all the power, it changes to Marco having the power therefore Eddie's 'strength challenge is not successful, it doesn't work'. Miller then ends the act leaving the audience in wonder of what will happen next. ...read more.


His fatal flaw was that he had inappropriate feelings for his niece Catherine and wasn't aware of it. His fatal flaw led to do things he would regret but were unstoppable and then eventually led to his own death. Different writers have different ways of building up and showing that there is tension at certain times in the plays. Some of Millers techniques were dimming the lights, showing the way people are acting or even having set bits where the characters thoughts are read out. Miller's main way was using Alfeiri by saying Eddie's thoughts as well as Eddie telling Alfeiri things he could not tell others in the play. Alfeiri knew what Eddie was like and would explain why he would think the things in the way he did. I found Miller's play very interesting as I was hooked on as the tension levels rose. I enjoyed it and at the beginning, I found it strange for the uncle to have these feelings for Catherine and that Eddie would restrict her even though she was 17 years old. I found it interesting how Marco was a mature and calm man but at the same time was the one to murder Eddie. He could not control his anger. I think the ending was good as Eddie got what he deserved and Beatrice loved him but Eddie did not give her attention it was effective how Eddie died in her arms. ...read more.

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