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view from a bridge

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View from a Bridge Setting: Brooklyn, New York Italians living in American Carbone household. 1940-1960 Main characters * Eddie Carbone * Beatrice Carbone * Catherine (niece) * Marco (illegal immigrant) * Rodolfo * Alfieri (Greek Chorus+ Eddie's lawyer) The Carbone family came to America to earn money to pay their debt to the mafia because Italy is a very poor country. The Italians that live in America have their own laws in the country like back in Italy. Alfieri- Lawyer and Greek Chorus He speaks directly to the audience and attempts to make clear the greater social and moral implications of the story What could be asked???? * Relationships * Tension * Characters * Could be asked a director question * Focus on the end of Act I * As we are reading note down any good quotations that you feel support this * Do not tackle Alfieri questions Eddie has a father-daughter relationship with Catherine Eddie is negative about Catherine getting a job. He would like her to finish school and do things properly according to him. The conversation between Catherine, Eddie and Beatrice is about American immigration and how it works. ...read more.


He tries and finds every excuse for Catherine not to go on the date with Rodolfo but Beatrice lets them go together. Beatrice realises that something is wrong with Eddie and she explains how that she doesn't feel like a wife to Eddie anymore because they are having marriage problems. When Rodolfo and Catherine come back from their date, Eddie is very angry because they came back late. After they get into a conversation, Eddie is worried about Rodolfo's sexuality because of the hobbies he is into. Rodolfo's hobbies are cooking, singing and making dresses. Later on that evening, Eddie teaches Rodolfo how to box, a manly sports according to him. Eddie gets very violent because he is angry with himself and Rodolfo. He also thinks that Rodolfo is using Catherine to get his papers to become a legal citizen in America. He goes and asks Alfieri (Greek Chorus and Lawyer), for advice, Alfieri says that he could just have weird hobbies and be normal gentleman falling in love with a girl. He realises that the feelings he had for his niece are becoming stronger the more Rodolfo is around. ...read more.


Eddie's greatest fear is not Marco, Rodolfo, or even the loss of his name. What Eddie fears most is the disclosure of his secrets-he fears his own being. Italian Immigration Italy in 1955 was a very poor country. During World War 2, Italy - ruled by the Fascist Mussolini - had initially fought alongside Nazi Germany. Yet the Italians became increasingly anxious about their role in the war and about Fascism, and in 1943, Mussolini was deposed by Victor Emmanuel III, the king of Italy. Italy then switched sides in the war and supported the British allies, but suffered huge loses in northern towns and villages as the Nazis tried to take revenge. After the war, following a referendum, the monarchy was abolished and a republic was established. However, the economy was slow to grow, especially in the south, which was less industrialized. With no jobs and no prospects, it was not surprising that many people decided to try their luck in 'rich' America. There was a thriving trade in illegal immigration, encouraged by the dockyard owners, who knew that they could get cheap labour from immigrants until they had paid for their passage over. Once they had paid their fare, the immigrants were left to make their own way. ...read more.

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