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View from a bridge - The relationship between Eddie and Catherine

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View from a Bridge The relationship between Eddie and Catherine I am writing about the relationship between Catherine and Eddie. Eddie is very family - orientated and is a hardworking long shore man. He doesn't waste his money on drink and gambling and he's always looking for work. Catherine is his niece. When his sister died he gave his word to look after her. Eddie always wants the best for Catherine and sees education as her way out of the area. "No no, you gonna finish school. What kinda job, what do you mean? All of a sudden you..." "Listen a minute, its wonderful" "It's not wonderful. You'll never get nowheres unless you finish school. You can't take no job. Why didn't you ask me before you take a job?" But she wants to work. This creates conflict in their relationship. Eddie also doesn't want her to grow up and leave him. He is very untrusting of other men, possibly because of the type of men he has seen at work. ...read more.


He sings, see which is - I mean it's all right, but sometimes he hits a note, see. I turn around. I mean - high you know what I mean?" "I'm telling you sump'm, wait a minute, please. Mr. Alfieri, i'm tryin to bring out my thoughts here. Couple of nights ago my niece brings out a dress which is too small for her, because she shot up like a light this last year. He takes the dress, lays it on the table, he cuts it up: one - two - three, he makes a new dress. I mean he looked so sweet there, like an angel - you could kiss him he was so sweet." Perhaps Eddie feels threatened by all the skills Rodolpho has. Eddie also makes an excuse that Rodolpho just wants his passport to become an American citizen. "Katie, he's only bowin to his passport" "His passport" "That's right he marries you he's got the right to be an American citizen. That's what goin on here. ...read more.


It is easier for him to die than to live with his reputation destroyed and no Catherine in his life. Eddie was too passionate. If he had let Catherine marry Rodolpho she would have loved Eddie even more for this. Instead he lost her and everything else except his wife, who sticks by him the end, despite everything he has done. Catherine had always respected Eddie and wanted to please him. She wanted some freedom but was happy to stay at home and give most of her money to Eddie and Beatrice. "I just - i'm gonna buy all new dishes with my first pay! I mean it. Ill fix up the whole house! I'll buy a rug!" She had very strong feelings for Eddie and if he hadn't 'grassed' or interfered so much she would have included him in her life. Despite all he's done Catherine sill invites Eddie to her wedding and is very upset when he dies. "Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you" When Eddie is dying, Catherine apologises to him showing that she feels responsible for what has happened. She is the cause, or the centre, of all the passion in this play. ...read more.

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