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View from the Bridge

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A view from the bridge- Coursework 3. Arthur Miller is a renowned play- writer who was born on October 17th 1915, in New York City. His parent's originally had came from Italy but soon migrated to America perhaps searching for the American dream. His family lived in prosperity due to the success of his fathers clothing manufacturing business however, as a result of the Wall Street crash the business sadly collapsed therefore; Arthur Miller was forced to work as a warehouseman. The play AVFTB was set in the 20th century as this is when illegal immigration was probably at its most. He possibly got his inspiration for writing this astonishing, sensational and breathtaking play from his parents as they were immigrants searching for the American dream and Alfieri (a lawyer in the play) expresses the themes of immigration and the American dream. However, his main inspiration was almost certainly when his lawyer friend showed him a case which has a similar context to AVFTB. Despite writing the play AVFTB, Arthur Miller is also recognized for his several other plays, such as: The Crucible; The Man Who Had All the Luck; All My Sons and Death of a Salesman. Unfortunately, Arthur Miller died in 2005. Alfieri first introduces himself to the audience when he is telling us the prologue, which sets the mood and scene of the play, 'This is Red Hook, not Sicily... I'm a lawyer.' In the play he introduces all the characters, 'This one's name was Eddie Carbone' and gives the audience a brief description of the character introduced, 'a longshoreman.' However, the audience instantly get the impression that Eddie is going to be the tragic hero in the play as when Alfieri first introduces Eddie he says that he has to, 'let it run it's bloody course' then immediately after that he says, 'This one's name was Eddie Carbone.' Giving the audience the impression that Eddie is going to be the tragic hero in the play. ...read more.


The information that Alfieri gives him just goes through one ear and out the other. As Alfieri no longer knows what to do he seeks advice from an old wise lady in the neighbourhood. The lady says, 'pray for him.' This brings a new element to the audience which is religion, so that the story can be more appealing for a wider range of people. It is also to show the audience that it is now up to God/ fate to decide whether Eddie Carbone deserves to die or not. This suggests that Alfieri is powerless from preventing Eddie's fate from becoming a reality. As the play progresses the relationships between the characters become more physical and verbal so as a result this builds greater tension leaving many unanswered questions which makes the audience feel the urge and excitement to stay and see what is going to happen. The story develops into a tragedy as there are a lot of disputes and later on Eddie gets stabbed by Marco as an act of self defence. The conflict unfolds as Eddie's homosexual prejudices of Rodolfo uncover. As he has blonde hair, his increasing love for music and many skills that he possesses such as, cooking and dressmaking which is seen in Eddie's eyes as feminine. Rodolfo has a motive to marry Catherine and become a citizen so he can work in America legally. Eddie also has a motive as he has come to believe that Rodolfo is using his niece to work in the country so that he does not have to face the problems faced by his older brother Marco, so there is an increased tension between the two of them. Eddie's portrayal has become very negative as he is the only character in the story to believe in these prejudices. The relationship between Eddie and Catherine is that she is very angry at Eddie as he does not approve of her to be Rodolfo's wife, so she is deliberately provocative towards Eddie, 'you wanna dance.' ...read more.


On the other hand many people did settle for half and their life wasn't that bad like Beatrice and Alfieri. It is also trying to tell the audience that when many immigrants migrate to another country they normally have to settle for half as it is better than nothing at all and also because they not fully from that country. Therefore, it touches upon many political views like homosexuality, immigration. Etc. It also summarises the themes of AVFTB, such as: immigration, social codes, appreciation. Etc. This suggests that there is moral to be learnt by the audience which is to be appreciative of what you already have (see the cup of your life as half full) or otherwise you will probably end up with less. In conclusion, I believe that Alfieri is the view from the bridge as he sees the bigger picture throughout the story. He is probably so well qualified to see the whole picture/ story as he is the omniscient narrator in the play who tells the story in a flashback. He could also be the bridge as he allows immigrants to arrive and depart from one place to another. Arthur Miller perhaps wrote this story to show the experiences that many immigrants had when he grew up, as he is also an immigrant. These are things like rejection from some plays that he wrote as we know that most of his plays weren't a success. I believe that he could have written the play to emphasise the political status of immigration. The structure of the Greek tragedy is perfect for this drama as it fits into the points that Arthur Miller was trying to portray. In addition, Alfieri is the perfect character to tell the story as he connects the audience to the characters as both the audience and Alfieri are observer of the play. Therefore, he expresses some of the thoughts that the audience may have. Finally, he is also the perfect person to narrate the story as he can relate to each and every character and is totally impartial. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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