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View from the bridge

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A View from the Bridge - Act One summary Act one starts with Eddie arriving home from the dockyard where he works with some news. He tells the family that Beatrice's cousins will be arriving the same night. Eddie reminds Beatrice that he will not sacrifice his own bed for them. However, he later contradicts himself by saying it is an honour for him to be able to help them. Catherine tells Eddie that she has been chosen out of all the girls in her typing class, to be offered a well-paid job as a stenographer at a big plumbing company. ...read more.


The cousins, Marco and Rodolpho arrive and explain their life in Sicily. By now, we can see a relationship emerging between Rodolpho and Catherine. It is clear that Rodolpho and Catherine have fallen in love, Eddie and Beatrice sit waiting for Catherine and Rodolpho to return home from the cinema. Beatrice has the opposite feelings towards Rodolpho and hopes that he and Catherine will get married. The conversation carries on to Beatrice asking Eddie about their marriage. ...read more.


Eddie goes to see Alfieri, wanting the law to step in to stop Catherine marrying Rodolpho. Eddie is astonished when Alfieri explains that no law can prevent the marriage. Alfieri suggests that perhaps Eddie loves Catherine too much, to which Eddie reacts angrily. The next time everyone is at home together there is tension. Eddie tells Rodolpho he is too friendly with Catherine. He tries to persuade Rodolpho from changing his job by pretending that he can cook, sew and sing. He teaches Rodolpho how to box and we see Catherine showing that she is more interested in Rodolpho's safety than Eddie's. Anup Datta 10P English Mr.Oldham ...read more.

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