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View from the Bridge Essay

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View from the Bridge Essay By Laura Bennett 'Explain Eddie's view of manliness' In this essay I am going to explain Eddie's view of manliness in the play 'View from the Bridge' which is about two men who migrate illegally from Italy to America and they go to live with Eddie, the main character and his family. Eddie is a husky, slightly overweight longshoreman in his forty's. Eddie is a very proud man. He likes his respect and he forces himself on people to make a good name for himself, so he's a very powerful man. "Now don't aggravate me, Katie." And "Get her in here, will you!" He's overly protective towards his niece Catherine. Her mother died and he promised Catherine's mother he would look after her "I promised your mother on her deathbed. I'm responsible for you." He's a father figure to Catherine but he is so protective and because of his manly behaviour he criticises Catherine by saying "you're walkin' wavy" and criticising the clothes she wears "I think it's too short." ...read more.


Rodolpho does not conform to the same image of masculinity as Eddie who says "the guy ain't right" and "the guy is no good" to show his views of manliness in relation to Rodolpho. Eddie means that he doesn't have very many 'manly' qualities to him. Eddie and Rodolpho have had times where that has lead to tense scenes for instance Eddie's kiss with Catherine in front of Rodolpho "draws her to him, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth." Eddie does this because he has feelings for Catherine, Rodolpho and Catherine are together, so Eddie tries to steal Catherine from him to aggravate Rodolpho. In this paragraph I am going to discuss some of the ways in whish Marco adapts to Eddie's idea of being a real man. Marco is seen as a strong man by the guy's, especially Eddie he tells Louis and Mike his work mates "Yeah, he's a strong guy, that guy." ...read more.


It mildly staggers Rodolpho. Marco rises." The aggression part is when he hits him; the hostile part is when he calls him 'Danish' so he's being unfriendly. Eddie teaches him to box is the manliness and their all linked together in this scene. This fight between Rodolpho and Eddie is to do with Eddie's views of manliness; the fight is about Rodolpho's manliness. In conclusion my main arguments are as follows. The qualities that Eddie considers to be 'manly' are power, hostility and criticism. Secondly ways in which Rodolpho not conform to this image of masculinity. Thirdly ways in which Marco is conventionally masculine are strength and being tough. Finally the links between manliness, hostility and aggression. These demonstrate Eddie's views of manliness because they all relate to different views of manliness, Rodolpho doesn't live up to Eddie's views of manliness where as Marco does but Eddies becomes jealous and angry about it and manliness, hostility and aggression links to the essay topic because there are some of the view's Eddie thinks a man should have. ...read more.

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