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Vimy Ridge: The Battle of a Nation

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As this was an exuberant victory for the Entente forces, 10,602 Canadian lives were sacrificed. The French and the British had both commemorated the feat of the Canadian army and as a result this had made the Canadian Corps distinctive from the British Army. Certainly, the events resulted from the Battle of Vimy Ridge had a significant impact on the hand of the Entente and the identity of Canada. As being the victors at Vimy Ridge, Canadians could at that point be more distinctive apart from the British identity. Before Vimy Ridge, Canada was a colony of Great Britain in many respects. At that point in time, Canadians had adopted to the view �when Britain is at war, Canada is at war�. After Vimy Ridge many Canadian standpoints changed. It became a more independent nation and its sovereignty strengthened. The Canadian Corps were disputed to be of British authority, naturally as Sir Julian Byng was the Supreme Commander of the Corps. Shortly after Vimy Ridge, Sir Arthur Currie, who was of Canadian descent had taken over Byng�s position and had set the Corps identity apart from the British. After the German surrender, Prime Minister Borden requested that Canada be part of the Paris Peace Conference and the League of Nations. ...read more.


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE War Poetry section.

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