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ROMEO AND JULIET VIOLENCE AND CONFLICT ARE CENTRAL TO "ROMEO AND JULIET." DISCUSS THIS THEME WITH REFERENCES TO THE THREE SCENES IN THIS PLAY. "Romeo and Juliet" is a pure tragedy of youth told in verse that is both youthful and intense. The loveliness and the music of the poetry make it believable. Although it is a play about romance, many scenes contain violent conflict. The play opens with violence and ends with violence. The violence in the play happens because of a feud between two families, which leads to the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo a Montague, Juliet a Capulet whose families are enemies because of a past argument which stays secret throughout the play. Romeo and Juliet meet each other at a masked ball at the Capulet House, Romeo goes to see his first love who was Rosaline, but his eyes suddenly set for Juliet. In this essay, I will discuss two scenes, which contain violence conflict, Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 3 Scene 1. "Romeo and Juliet" was written by William Shakespeare and first performed in 1806. Love, sex, and death are the components of Shakespeare's classics story of the love of two young people, which reaches across the barriers of family and convention. ...read more.


Mercutio invents his own swear word, punning on that used by Benvolio. It also suggests he intends to stay and fight, not run away (take to his heels). Mercutio be infective, not a bit and fuming. "Consort? What, dost thou make us minstrels? And thou make minstrels of us; look to hear nothing but discords. Here's my fiddlestick; here's that shall make you dance. Zounds, consort!" A consort meaning a group of musicians. Mercutio chooses to take offence at this because minstrels or musicians were servants, a fiddlestick (sword), Zounds (by god's (or Christ's) wounds (a strong swear word). Benvolio who is high quality, Peacemaker, calming and non-specific. "Or reasonly coldy of your grievances". Speak sensibly or rationally. Mercutio stirs trouble with Tybalt, but Tybalt doesn't really want to hurt Mercutio, as he knows he� s not very serious, and Mercutio isn't a Montague, but Tybalt however wants a word with Mercutio� s good friend, Romeo. Tybalt settles the quarrel with Mercutio when Romeo turns up on the scene. "Romeo arrives and Tybalt instigates trouble by calling him a villain. " No better term than this; thou art a villain." Romeo responds to Tybalt by saying that he loves Tybalt, for now they are cousins through Juliet's marriage with Romeo. ...read more.


O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die." Juliet takes Romeo's dagger and stabs herself, falls on Romeo's body and dies. The violence in Act 5 Scene 3 is very strong and the way Shakespeare has chose to end the characters of Romeo and Juliet. They are willing to die for one and each other. This just shows how strong the love and violence is in the play, Romeo had to kill people because of his love, first the feud with Tybalt with Mercutio, as Romeo wanted revenge for Mercutio's death and when Romeo kills Paris in the churchyard. My overall conclusion on this play is that this play contains more violence than love which is the whole purpose because it mentions at the beginning of the play an ancient grudge has passed between them. Love and violence were involved in most of Shakespeare's play. This one was more a violent play over love but in this play, Shakespeare shows that there is love at first sight if we believe it. Both families had what was coming for acting so irresponsibly. It is love that leads to the substantial amount of violence in the play. The way Romeo and Juliet killed themselves was attention-grabbing and the readers wouldn't expect them to die like that. ?? ?? ?? ?? HARDEEP SOHAL English Coursework ...read more.

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