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Violence and conflict are central to 'Romeo + Juliet, discuss this theme with reference to at least 3 scenes in the play.

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Shakespeare's: Romeo and Juliet Violence and conflict are central to 'Romeo + Juliet, discuss this theme with reference to at least 3 scenes in the play. INTRODUCTION: In the play 'Romeo and Juliet' there are two separate families called 'The Capulets and Montague', they both live in the same city called Verona, both families have been hating each other for very long time which has been leading them into fights, which in the audiences eyes is a war. What has caused this feud it is unknown to as shakesphere does not tell as at any point in the play. In the prologue before the play begins it says ' two households, both alike in dignity..... From ancient grudge break to new mutiny'. this basically means that two families that have same status in society had a quarrel over something a very long time ago, since that day the both families are still quarrelling and fighting against each other. As we know from the play Romeo is from the One of the most common ways in which Shakespeare entertained his audience is through comedy. For example, in the first scene, there are sexual innuendo words used, such as when Sampson and Gregory are talking, they mention about the "maiden's head" which means making the maids lose their virginity. ...read more.


The audience know that there will be action because in the prologue it is mentioned "Ancient Grudge against Mutinity." This means there is a grudge, which turns into a fight. The audience know that there'll be a fight on the stage. In Act 1 Scene 1, Sampson tells Gregory "On my word, we'll not carry coals," which meant that they will not be insulted. Gregory says, "We should be colliers," which means they will be dirty and dishonest. Gregory is a character that gets worked up very quickly. Sampson tells Gregory that he is all big talk, but no actions. Gregory might probably say he'll beat up any of the Montagues if he sees them, but if any of them show up, he doesn't do anything. The audience know that a fight will be started because there are to Capulets talking, and two Montagues step up on stage. Action is about to spark up as Tybalt says, "I hate the word peace, as I hate hell as well as the Montagues." This line shows that trouble and fights begin everywhere Tybalt turns up. The plot is one of the ways that Shakespeare uses to entertain the audience. ...read more.


Then again, as Resoline is a Capulet, there maybe romance for Romeo. Juliet will be at the ball too as it is taking place in her house. In Act 1 scene 3, two other characters are introduced. One of them, is Juliet, who plays the main character. She is 14 years of age and single. Juliet's nurse is also introduced. She is as mother to Juliet as well as her bet mate. The nurse had breast fed Juliet and bought her up since a baby. Romeo is a confused youth. He thinks he is in love with Resoline. He is always depressed because Resoline does not return her love for him in return. He is Romeo's best mate and always there for him. He is calm and always listens to Romeo's problem's and tries his best to resolve his problems. On the other hand, there is Tybalt, Juliet's cousins. He is very aggressive and likes to whisk trouble. He is violent and cannot go on without fighting. Then there is Lady Capulet who worries about her husband, but doesn't really involve her daughter Juliet in her life. She hardly knows anything about her daughter, not even her age. Juliet's father Lord Capulet is quite old , but likes to join in fights. He has a bad drinking habit and parties a lot. This summarises how corrupted Juliet's parents are. ...read more.

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