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Violence and Crime explored in two different poems

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Violence And Crime In Society Is An Important Issue And Many Poets Deal With It In Their Own Poems. Choose Two Scottish Poems Which Explore This Issue And Examine The Techniques The Poets Use To Do So Violence and crime is a big issue nowadays which can happen to anyone, anywhere. Two Scottish poets clearly show us this are Norman MacCaig and Edwin Morgan. Some of the many poems they have written are "Glasgow 5th March 1971" and "Hotel room 12th floor." Morgan's poem is based In Glasgow, which you can tell from looking at the title, and MacCaig's poem is based in almost the other side of the world in New York. However, they share similar ideas about violence and crime. MacCaig chooses a title which sounds factual and realistic. The first two words of the title is, "Hotel room," which creates questions such as, is the speaker on holiday? The title sounds more like the text following it will be about a real life incident. Straight away the author explains what he "watched" from his hotel room. He compares a helicopter to a "damaged insect." The use of the gives us a clearer view of the helicopter. He then starts describing more things from his surroundings. ...read more.


He eventually indicates to us that there was death when he refers to the "blood glazed sidewalks." By having the word "glazed," it makes the blood put there purposely and as a decoration like when cakes are "glazed." In the last paragraph of the poem, MacCaig remarks on the violence of the city that "the frontier is never somewhere else," making it seem as the most unwanted place to ever go, because all the violence is there. In the last sentence, the immense power of the darkness is revealed when MacCaig points out that "no stockades can keep the midnight out." The darkness seems so immensely powerful and lethal because stockades are barriers make to stop anything that comes against it. So if we can't keep the darkness away from NY, nothing can. I think that the message MacCaig is trying to get across to us is that Crime and violence can affect lots of people, even a whole city, and that it's impossible stop it or fight it. He cleverly personified the darkness to get this message across to us. Edwin Morgan's poem "Glasgow 5th March 1971" is also about crime and violence in the society but Edwin Morgan has some different views of it but they also share some same views about it which you can see from the poems. ...read more.


This mirrors the sound of the broken glass as the two victims move about. At the end, Morgan reveals that the "two youths," where the criminals who pushed the couple through the window. He also reveals two more witnesses in the background driving there car, but they purposely drive away and choose not to get involved. I think that the message Morgan is trying to get across is that crime and violence can happen to anyone, anywhere and that it is not being helped by people to stop it as more and more people are becoming apathetic and not getting involved. So they both share similar views. In conclusion, I think the both want their readers to know that crime and violence can't be stopped and that it can happen to anyone, wherever you go. They both write in different ways to get similar points across; Edwin Morgan writes specific violence whereas Norman MacCaig writes violence in general or non specific violence. After looking at both poems, I have learnt that crime and violence is everywhere and that everyone should put in effort, together, if we want it to be completely stopped. Edwin Morgan's and Norman MacCaig's poems are based on two completely different cities. They are almost at the opposite side of the world to each other, yet, they still share similar ideas about crime and violence. By Siddharth Manikonda 10 T ...read more.

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