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Violence solves nothing. is the protesters universal refrain. Nonsense! Violence gave America its independence

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Pacifist! Why do they hate violence? Pacifist needs to understand seven facts: 1. There will always be bad people. 2. Bad people don't care about hurting good people. Appeals to shame, empathy and guilt don't work on them. That's why they're bad people. 3. Bad people respond to force. They don't like it and will change their behaviour to avoid it. 4. Good people need to use force to stop the bad people from hurting other good people. ...read more.


Nonsense! Violence gave America its independence; violence saved the union and freed the slaves; violence helped stop Hitler killing the rest of Europe?s Jews. So is the refrain ?violence solves nothing? true. I hate pacifism for the same reason that I hate communism; it's philosophically dishonest. If you want to avoid bloodshed then that's absolutely fine so long as you're honest about your intentions...after all, self-preservation is the most natural human instinct. But there's no need to make up some philosophy and be self-righteous about it. Another reason why I hate a pacifist is they don?t shut up. ...read more.


Pacifism is a betrayal of the innocent. It invites more aggression ? witness Munich, witness the 1973 Paris Peace Accords, witness our muted response to other acts of terrorism (the 1983 bombing of the Marine compound in Beirut and the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania), which surely encouraged al-Qaida. Pacifism works well ? as long as pacifist pleading goes largely unheeded and anti-war activists remain a distinct minority. Then they can feel noble while others fight their battles and protect their freedom. Only the battlefield sacrifices of generations of our best and bravest have given us a country where pacifists can bad-mouth it in comfort and security. ...read more.

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