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Vision of a Leader - essay

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´╗┐Vision of a Leader Leaders come from everywhere; school, work, sports, even at home. You can be a leader on the streets. By showing others that you can handle a complex task and complete it on time shows that you are capable of handling situations without struggle. Being a leader means taking a stand when no one else will and following through with it and if mistakes happen, you continue to try and show others that nothing should bring you down. Appropriate behavoir and excellent participation makes people trust you and believe in you, which makes them want to follow you. ...read more.


Everybody is different in their own way, their leadership skills are different, but there is no difference in the matter. Anyone who puts their mind to it can be a leader. What is it that makes a person a good leader? The fact that if that person is honest and responsible makes them a good leader. Personality in fact makes a person a good leader, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Preparation and completion makes a person responsible and shows that the person is up for risks and high challenges which makes them more reliable and understanding. Using persuasion gives people a choice in the matter and inspires instead of using force making others do what they want and when they want; losing faith and think poorly of him/her. ...read more.


Misunderstanding can get out of hand and words can be twisted around, leaving a bad statement. Losing control of what harm can be done will only make things worse. Leadership is difficult but not impossible. Mistakes are sure to happen, but you learn from them, making sure they are not made again. Being aware of what is happening around you helps with making decisions and not over doing what is already done. Being a leader is not everything but is not nothing. Someday you may be president and have to run a country instead of a group. Being one step ahead will not hurt as it is always safe to be prepared. Everybody has a vision of a leader. ...read more.

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