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Visit from Outer Space

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Visit from Outer Space Yesterday evening a horrible and unexpected news shook us all. Some people claimed that they had seen some Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the sky along the Western Road. Since I'm well known for my investigations into all matters/mysteries related to the unexplained, my news agency despatched (sent) me to the scene to interview some of the people who thought/believed they had witnessed (seen) these so called 'flying saucers'. I first approached an old lady, a certain Mrs Spiteri. In a quivering (shaking) voice, that made me realise she was undoubtedly (without doubt) agitated by what she had seen, Mrs Spiteri started recounting (telling) what happened; "I was busy washing the dishes in the kitchen late last night, when suddenly I heard a strange humming noise coming from outside. At first I dismissed it as coming from one of these modern sports cars, with the bangs from the exhausts and that hissing sound. ...read more.


The only mark left behind from that strange night that convinced me it was not just one big hallucination or dream, was the burnt circle on the grass." I next interviewed a young lad, Mr Borg, who seemed a bit more excited, and not at all scared, by the strange goings on. He seemed definitely surer of what he saw: "It was about half eight in the evening. I'm certain because I had been watching the news" was the first thing he said to me. He then proceeded to tell me everything else that he saw: "First came the strange humming sound. As I went to investigate the night suddenly turned into day, as I got engulfed in a bright red light. At first I thought some criminal had escaped and the police where giving chase with a helicopter, scanning the area with those big searchlights like you normally see on the Reality TV. ...read more.


I told her to place it on desk and I would take it soon after I finished that level, but the tapping on my shoulder continued, this time harder. I turned around in frustration but instead of my mum, I got the shock of my life. For those brief moments that seemed like eternity our eyes were locked. Although they didn't talk, it felt as if they were reading my thoughts. Then, the next thing I remember was waking up screaming from my chair. I stood up and looked around my room but everything was in order. I then rushed down to tell everything to my mum, but she told me that playing all those games wasn't good for me, that I must have imagined it all." The more people I interviewed that day, the more the story got unravelled (untied), but I was no closer to the truth. Apart from the confused witnesses and that crop circle, these beings left no real proof behind as to their origin. Again I was left with more questions than answers! ...read more.

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