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Visiting Australia.

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Visiting Australia When your young you most of the time you really don't notice how lucky you are. Most people get to travel the world and see many wonderful and different things all around the world. I am one of those lucky people. For 12 years now my Dad has lived on the other side of the world in the giant city of Sydney Australia. Although I had been to Australia before this visit I didn't really realise what a brilliant country it is until now. On the Friday 27th December 2002 my brother and I set of for the 22-hour journey from London Heathrow to Kingsford Smith International airport in the heart of Sydney airport. Although I am excited every time I go on holiday there was something else exciting about this trip because although I was going to see my dad for the first time for 2 years I was also going to see my Sister for only the second time. My sister was born on 1st May 1999 and when I saw her last she was only 8 months old and now she was 3. I really do enjoy flying and especially the long-hall flights but when you fly for 22 hours after the first 10 hours it does start to boor you. ...read more.


and my Nan who had been in Australia for 3 weeks with Ken before us and was enjoying it very much. She did not live in Australia but in the sunny town of Chelmsford! After having Breakfast we went back to my dads house, got our gear on and went down to the swimming pool which was also just down my Dads road. I was amazed when we went swimming at how good my Billie could swim. She was only 3 and she was brilliant at swimming for her age. She could swim without anything to help her. My Brother and I did go for a swim but because of the long flight we where extremely tired and in need of a rest. I also met some of my new parts of the family because my Uncle moved out to Australia nearly 4 years ago and is now happily married but I do think the only reason he married was to get an Australian Passport to stay out there. He had also a daughter who was my new cousin. I was quite amazed when I suddenly realised she was my cousin. I also realised how annoying she was on my first day. ...read more.


He stopped playing for his football club Southend Manor and stopped playing football all together. He is now playing football for a football team called De- in Australia and although he is 40 is excellent for his age. He had a couple of problems a couple of years ago after his cartilage went in his left leg which put him out of football for nearly 2 years and then he also had to have his whole knee re-constructed. My time in Australia every time I go is always enjoyable and I have so much fun. My Dad does spoil my brother and I and it's so good to see the family who are not just round the corner and not just up the road. I do miss them very much and whenever I am able to I will always travel the long distance just to see them. I am so happy to see them when I do and now with my new little sister I can never wait to see them again. Although I do not see them much I am so lucky that I can travel the distances that I do and see the different things that I see. My life could not get any better. 18th March 2003 Oliver Myall 10/3 ...read more.

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