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Visitors - Short Story by Brian Moon

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Short Story Analysis -Visitors- By Natalie Hind Visitors is a short story written by Brian Moon that is based in an alternate reality. The text uses the conventions of this society to convey the effects of the legalisation of anything in a society. The author's use and application of narrative conventions, especially Characterisation, Style, Setting and Point of view, help to convey this motif. A limited third person point of view has been used in the construction of Visitors, using a narrator to convey the goings on in the text from Mrs. Morrison's perspective. This convention helps us to more readily accept what is happening. For example, if the events were seen from the perspective the Robber, who completely understands and supports the legalisation of robbery, we would find ourselves skeptical that someone could be so oblivious to the fact that what is happening is wrong, as the beliefs of our society are not reflected in Brian Moon's alternate reality. However, the result of constructing a text from the point of view of a character who is reluctant to accept nationalised robbery, is that we relate to Mrs. ...read more.


The Robber dresses in a fashion that implies a business-like individual, rather than a burglar and the police are described the way a common criminal would appear to us. Mrs. Morrison also comments on his appearance and actions, 'There was a professional, competent air about him. He looked thoroughly respectable.' (P7). She grudgingly regards the Robber as a professional, but at the same time, we sense that she still feels a bit afraid of him. 'She felt her stomach tighten at the unfairness of it. Not again; not so soon!' (P7). We sense her anxiety throughout the entirety of the text, and because of it we sympathise with her situation. By ensuring that the Robber has characteristics that we would not normally associate with a burglar, and that the description of the police sets us with an image of the type of person likely to commit criminal acts, we are able to understand some of the effects that nationalised robbery has had on the world described in Visitors. The action in the text takes place in an alternate reality, set in the home of Mrs. ...read more.


We refer to visitors as guests who are welcome in our home and we therefore assume that the 'visitors' are welcome. We get an image that the character is at home (stereotypically a female), waiting for their visitors to arrive. The stylistic devices in Visitors are used by the author to convey the effects of the new legislation on this society by reflecting the differences between our two worlds. The use of setting, point of view, style and characterisation in Visitors aids in constructing the theme. The actions and appearance of the Robber are manipulated by the author to challenge our image of a burglar. This is also true for the way we picture a typical police officer. The fact that the police were described as dirty and unkempt suggests that because of the new legislation, many people have left the force, as they believe that there are greater prospects as a burglar. Style also helps to define the theme. The title suggested that the 'visitors' were welcome which also implied that they should be welcome, while we understand through other stylistic methods, that Mrs. Morrison feels violated by the robbery. Mrs. Morrison's perspective positions us to more readily accept nationalised robbery and the setting helps us to understand the many ways that legalisation has affected this alternate reality. ...read more.

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