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We are sitting side by side facing each other intimately underneath the forbidden tree. Everything feels right, the Garden of Eden lord god has created is perfect and I believe it will last forever. Then to my surprise, a hybrid of a snake and woman appears, wrapping her body around the tree. She was nothing I have ever seen before; her presence makes me feel numb and emotionally frozen. Is there more to the world than I know? Is the reality of who I am more complex and profound than I understand? ...read more.


This was, deviously, tempting and perplexing. Even considering all the negatives, I am going still going to eat the fruit. A million thoughts are going through my head, would anything change after I eat the fruit? Would my na�ve world be shattered? Is the snake lying to me? Am I going to die? The snake is passing the fruit to me; I eat the fruit and so does Adam. Suddenly I realize that we are naked. What is god sees us like this? Have we no shame? ...read more.


The angel is threatening Adam with a sword, I am frightened and I feel sick to my stomach. I realize that Adam is protecting me; his face is turned towards me. I try to avoid his gaze as I hunch down beside him. The angel is threatening us to leave the garden, Adam must hate me. After what I have done, I can not face him anymore. now we are forced to leave the garden and survive on While I stand here regretful and corrupted, my na�ve mind shattered like a child who sees the world for the first time. For I now know the world can transform and, even more frightening, I can change with it. ...read more.

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