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Voice of an Angel.

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Voice of an Angel It began two years ago on a sunny beautiful day in July. The weather was fine and there was a gentle breeze floating in the air. I was sitting in a science lesson, on the third floor of Brierton School. The day had seemed endless; it was like the day had been a month. I was silently waiting for the day to end. I was talking to my friend Geoffrey, when I noticed her across from the crowded room. She was like a red silk rose in a garden of weeds; her eyes were so bright they were like sapphires twinkling in the moonlight, she looked priceless, more expensive than pearl. Geoffrey nudged me, "What's wrong with you?" he asked. "Nothing I said, shrugging my shoulders, I just got distracted." Thoughts were spinning through my mind, who was she, where did she come from. Then the bell went for the final time that afternoon. I began the long walk home, it seemed like an endless desert, as I crossed the field I noticed her beautiful face again. She lit the fire inside of me; she looked so amazing, so gentle and sweet. In my mind she was an angel, she was the chosen angel of heaven. ...read more.


I felt a strange feeling, a feeling of happiness and joy. I felt I was in love with this angel as I knew her. It was an icy cold Tuesday afternoon, three days till the end of the summer term. I was looking forward to relaxing for six long bright summer weeks. I was sitting in an English lesson watching a production of King Lear on the television screen. It was boring. I could not stop thinking about her, my little angel, she sent my mind crazy. I desperately needed to know her name, I asked my friend, he didn't know, but he was going to find out. The next morning, I was getting ready for school, when the phone rang. "Hello, can I speak to Mr Wake," said the woman on the phone. I knew that something had happened. My reality was turned upside down, like a science fiction movie. "He is currently away at the moment," replied my mother. "Are you Caroline Wake?" asked the woman. "No, I am not." Replied my mother. It was a phone call, someone had died. My life felt like a rolling ball. Never again did I want that to happen to me. ...read more.


"I hate you," I shouted at her "you make me sick" "don't say that, your hurting me" she shouted. She began to walk away from me. "Don't you walk away from me?" I screamed as I pulled a gun from my coat pocket. My feelings had changed for her. I now felt angry and upset, betrayed. "We can fix things." She was screaming. "We can make it work." I slowly edged the gun towards my head. "It's too late!" I shouted. "We are finished." I slowly tightened my finger. Kayleigh lunged forward towards me, and then there was a bang as she fell into my arms. "I love you," she said. "We could have been together, forever." "What have I done, I am sorry," I screamed. "Please, forgive me." "I forgive you John." She said as her eyes began to close. What had I done? I had killed her. I slowly walked away, my head spinning out of control; my thoughtless actions had killed a thing of beauty. She was now with the angels. There was only one option, kill myself. I slowly pulled the gun to my head. At that instant moment my times with her where flashing before my eyes then I saw her lying there. "Love is forever," I kept repeating in my head. "Love is forever, love will never die, I love you Kayleigh." As I pulled the trigger. John Wake ...read more.

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