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Volcano. I dashed back outside and was ambushed by an army of people screaming and charging towards me, all I could make out was people shouting the word VOLCANO the scenes were horrific.

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The volcano I opened the curtains in my bedroom, and looked out, before my eyes a thick black layer of soot covered the sky, people were coughing and spluttering and there was a smell of disease and death all round. The sound was dreadful the piercing sound of car alarms in the distance. On leaving the house I could see people dashing in all directions fleeing their homes not knowing what to do. News reporters were now flooding in from all directions like a mad swarm of ants, trying to get a glimpse of this rare and amazing sight. The army were arriving in mass from all directions, large boulders of some sort were now escaping from the earth's atmosphere spilling tons of debris far and wide just like giant hailstones. ...read more.


I looked up, there were gas bombs exploding every 2 or 3 seconds form the volcano's crater, suddenly a lava bubble shot out and ambushed the house across the street. I approached the house as fast I could to try to save the people in side. There was lava everywhere, I opened the door and peered round, there were two children sitting in the corner sobbing their eyes out, frantically I pulled the two children out and went with them to see their mum and dad who were outside with the firemen. At this moment in time I thought to my self that nothing or no one was going to stop this volcano in its path. As many as 500 people had been evacuated to the shores for safety already. ...read more.


chief of the fire brigade enounced that there was going to be an emergency meeting in the town hall to discuss the procedure to take next. Everyone rushed to the town hall, the chief of the fire brigade said that a large volcano had earlier erupted, which had not erupted for many years. The chief of the fire brigade later said that the volcano was under control but for no one to go near it. After the meeting I ran home and got my bags, I have to leave this war zone I said to myself, or I might not survive. I saw my family running towards me crying out loud, they were so glad to see me, let alone alive. I ran with my family towards the car and got in; I wanted to get as far away from this town as I could. Would I ever return? ...read more.

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