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Volcano! The cliffs at the end, if we go around them through the jungle we wont make it in time, said Dan. We can climb the cliffs, said Callum Ive got the gear to do that.

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Dan looked up, Max's face was set, his eyes wide and his mouth open, he was staring past Dan. As Dan turned to see what Max was looking, at he uttered in amazement, "Oh my God look at that!! Come on we have to go tell Callum." As Dan and Max sprinted along the beach to their cabin, the ground started to shake. 15 minutes later Dan and Max burst through the door. Callum asked "what the hell was that?" "It's the volcano, its blown." said Dan and Max at the same time. "OH NO!!!" said Dan. "What." said Max. "The rescue helicopters are going" said Dan. "That means we'll have to make our own way to the safe zone" said Callum. "I've got an idea," said Max. "Come on then spill" said Callum. "We can use our dirt bikes and go along the beach," said Max. ...read more.


It rips up and vaporises anything in its path" said Dan. Max and Callum both looked at each other in astonishment. As Dan raced out with a pair of binoculars to work out where the explosion had come from, Max and Callum got the equipment ready. A couple of minute's later Dan came running through the door shouting, "It's from the main vent, we have to get out of here fast before the pyroclastic flow comes!" "We'll have to leave the rest of the equipment we haven't got time to get it ready" said Max as he grabbed the kit they had got ready and shoved it in a back pack. As they sped across the sand towards the cliffs, they suddenly heard a massive explosion behind them. ...read more.


"We need to get moving, we have to make the distance on foot" said Callum. "Hey Dan, you still got the binoculars?" asked Max. "Yah why" replied Dan. "If I'm correct we won't have to walk" said Max. * They sprinted across the sand. When they got closer Max was right, there was a jetty with 4 jet skies tied up. There was a large shed at the front of the jetty, Dan tried the door but it was locked, so Max kicked it in. There were waterproof bags, wetsuits and the keys to the jet skies. They jumped on and sped off around the bay to the safe zone. After the all clear was called, the friends went back to there cabin to see what was still useable. They later bought an apartment by the beach in the safe zone, they replaced all the gear that was lost, and decided to keep the jet skies. THE END ...read more.

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