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Waiting for the bus

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Waiting for the bus "I don't want a friend like you anyway!" screamed Danni. "You need a friend like me, because I'm the only friend you've got!" retorted Nikki angrily. "Stupid cow!" shouted Danni. "Don't think you're staying at mine tonight!" Nikki threatened. "I wouldn't want to," with that Danni grabbed her bags and stormed out slamming the door behind her. She stood on the doorstep for a split second to catch her breath and calm down, before she continued down the path. Danni was tempted to turn around, but she resisted it, she didn't want to seem weak. It had been a stupid argument, she was supposed to have taken her to a concert, but took her cousin instead, as it was her cousin's favourite band. It was also Nikki's favourite band and she had not been best pleased not to be her first choice. It had turned into a massive argument and resulted in her storming out at twelve o'clock at night. Nikki and Danni had been best friends for ten years, and it hurt Danni every time they argued. She wasn't sure how Nikki felt; she was hard and tried her best not to show her feelings. Nikki was noticed everywhere she went, she was a stand out in a crowd kind of girl, not just from the way she looked, but by the way she acted, When she walked into a room everyone would turn and look for a second. ...read more.


Danni would often visit them with a bag of bread. The whole field was surrounded by barbed wire, all bent out of shape. She turned around and looked up and down the street to see if she could see anyone coming, there was nothing, just deadly silence, which was occasionally broken by the howling of the wind, or rustling of the trees. She took a deep breath and she could almost taste the cold air, as it sent a tingle down her throat. She leaned back on the wall, to rest her tired legs, but quickly jolted up again, as she felt the cold wet stone through her thin track suit bottoms. She took one more look around, just to reassure herself that there was no one else about, when suddenly she heard lots of shouting from the alley near her, and she froze with fear. She looked around terrified, but she couldn't see anyone near her, She ducked behind the bus stop that hid her from sight. The shouting was coming nearer and nearer. She was shaking like a leaf, she sat on the floor in perfect silence. Waiting, she wasn't sure what for, to live, to die, to laugh at this moment in ten years time and think of how stupid she was to be scared of such at little thing. The shouting seemed to be staying in one place. She didn't dare to lift her head up and see where they were. ...read more.


She started to run towards the man, but then stopped. Should she just go and get help or see if he is dead first? She approached the man cautiously and peered at him lying in the floor. At first she couldn't bring herself to touch him, but she forced herself to feel his wrist for a pulse. He was still alive. This spurred her to run as fast as she could to the nearest house. She stumbled at the gate, fiddling with the lock and banged on the door, no-one answered, she kept banging and banging till her hand started to bleed from banging on the edge of the door. A man came to the door in a dressing gown and gave her a frown> "There's a man in the alley, he's just been stabbed," she gasped between breaths before she collapsed in a heap on the floor. The next thing she heard was "She's coming round," it was her mum and Dad. She opened her eyes, she was in a hospital bed. "Are you ok love?" asked her Mum "Do remember what happened?" Danni nodded her head. "What's happened to the man in the alley?" she croaked. "He's alive, just, you saved his life, if he had been left any longer he would have died," soothed her mum, "You were very brave. Just think, all this happened while you were waiting for the bus. Her mum continued to tell her how she should have rung her for a lift, and for her never to scare her like that again, but Danni just blocked it out, closed her eyes and fell asleep. ...read more.

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