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wake up, go to sleep

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"Wake up Aundrea, Aundrea wake up, were almost there another 5 or 10 minutes and then we will be at cartgate, you haven't had breakfast here for a long time have you?" said Toni, Aundrea's mum. "No I haven't I cant wait I've been looking forward to this all weekend. Well I must say its a lot busier then last time this time there is a lot more lorries and truckers but I suppose they come here for tea or coffee in the early hours of the morning to keep them awake for their long journeys." Aundrea said. "So anyway what kind of food do they do?" She asked. "Not much really just burgers, chips and English breakfast basically oh and chocolate bars, crisps and snacks like that. You have to remember it's only a picnic area not a restaurant. So what are you planning on having Aundrea?" ...read more.


"Well it depends how well behaved you are at your Grans house doesn't it" Toni replied. "I don't see why I cant go Cartgate and then go Christmas shopping with you and dad, everything I asked for adds up to one hundred and thirty eight pounds and fifty nine pence and you usually spend one hundred and fifty so I am obviously going to get what I asked for aren't I" she said sarcastically. "No actually we spend eighty pounds and Father Christmas makes the rest." Toni said laughing inside herself. "Mum I'm twelve now not five, I do know that Father Christmas isn't real." Aundrea said laughing "Well anyway just because you ask for it, it doesn't mean you are going to get it." Toni snapped Aundrea was quite oblivious to that comment and was too busy looking out the car window into the horizon. ...read more.


They finally reached it and she opens the door and takes a big gasp of air. "Ah that felt good, but still not feeling perfect." She said with relief About five to ten minutes later she said that she feels well enough to carry on the journey as there was only about fourty minutes left. So they all got in the car, put their seatbelts on and were ready to go. But Dan, Aundrea's dad, didn't start the engine, he could hear something lots of beeping so he turned around and saw a huge blue oil tanker heading his way with TUCKERS painted on the side. Then all Aundrea heard was a huge crash, the sound of screaming and sirens it was mayhem and panic put together and all she could see was glass, blood and her mum and dad halfway through the windscreen. All of a sudden blankness and silence. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Saunders ...read more.

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