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War Letter - Writing to a father in the trenches.

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23 Cherry Tree Road Hampshire England, UK 2nd December 1917 My Dearest Father, Let me start by saying, Happy Birthday! Mama has been knitting you heaps of socks and tells us it is chilly in France, especially at this time of the year, so you need to keep warm. I woke up this morning to a thick blanket of white snow in the garden! It is beautiful; I wish you could see it! It has been very cold this winter, and i have been wrapping up lots to keep me warm. Christmas is coming soon! We have been celebrating the lead up to Christ's birthday! Tomorrow, we are going to decorate the house with all our decorations, and I am awfully upset that you will not be here to help. Grampa will be there to help, but it will not be the same without you. Grandma has baked you the most marvelous cake, with my help, of course. She let me ice the bun and even eat the extra icing! ...read more.


I hate to see my older sister upset, but Julia was crying so much when we prayed for Winston Merryweather. She loved him dearly and they were engaged to be married! She told me that we won't see him again but I still pray that you and Uncle Philip help find him. She cried and cried and told me we are still lucky to have you. I think she just means to be in contact with you, but all the same, we are lucky. Julia is growing into such a beautiful young woman Father. Her hair has grown half way down her back and her beautiful blonde curls are so bouncy! I look up to her very much, as she is always smiling and she is so caring. Just the other day she helped Timothy when he fell and cut his knee and she cleaned it all up for him. She was so calm with him, even though he had been crying so much is face looked like he had ate lots of lemons! ...read more.


We were having so much fun then Grampa told us to be quiet because we were louder than fireworks and he couldn't hear the radio. He is really rather boring now and is always so tired. He just sits in that dull grey armchair of his, and is as still as a statue sometimes. He says his old friend Arthur is hurting him in his bones, and he is always feeling sick. Mama says he hasn't long left and that makes me sad. I hear him in his sleep sometimes. He calls your name and cries for Uncle Philip. I heard him shout once, "Not my boys kill me instead." You aren't going to die, are you Father? You are my best friend and I need you to come home alive! I have to go now, it is bedtime and I need a good night's rest. With this letter, we send our love, and presents for you! I do not know if I will be able to write to you before Christmas, but I send all my wishes to you. Goodnight Father, I love you and miss you dearly. Love your darling 10 year old daughter, Daisy. ...read more.

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