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War Of The Worlds

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Pitch black skies, towering metallic three legged monsters makes Spielberg's extraordinary remake of the brilliant and intriguing H G Well's classic novel "War Of The Worlds" its a must see movie. Tom Cruise portrays the irresponsible father in his quest to Boston, while aliens are killing everyone, everywhere. So do you believe in aliens? You soon will! The close up of particles, immediately uses the sci-fi genre from the moment the film starts. As the screen fades to green a revise zoom shows us a leaf covered in water droplets, this connotes nature and life. As one of the water droplets morphs into Earth, the voice over (Morgan Freeman) ...read more.


As the screen fades we see the Earth with the sun behind and Mars in total darkness, drums start like war sirens this connotes that a war is going to start, big, silver sci-fi letters 'War Of The Worlds' is about to start the screen fades and the film starts. The clear Manhattan skyline is the scene for most of the movie. The shot we see as we zoom in on the New Jersey docklands. Is the hyper real environment for a sci-fi movie The divorced family of Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) Robbie (Justin Chatwin and Rachel (Dakota Fanning) ...read more.


In between the fantastic sound and sci-fi effects, is the social message. Extra terrestrial monsters coming up from the ground, is a terrifying reminder of the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York. As the aliens start to take over the new Yorkers realise that this is more than just an attack its an invasion. Spielberg's fantastic directing makes this remake of the classic the best yet. The sci-fi effects blow your mind into thinking thanks the aliens are really coming. This remake is a must see, outstanding summer blockbuster, in most of the news papers, they say it is disappointing, but in my opinion it deserves 8/10 for its fantastic monsters and unusual sound and lighting effects. ...read more.

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